Toadette Was Apparently Cut From Super Mario 3D World

You learn something new every day about your favorite games, and the latest reveal comes to us from the game Super Mario 3D World. The game was recently released with Bowser's Fury for the Nintendo Switch as a package deal, which has had a lot of people checking the game out for the first time who may have slept on it, as well as others who remember it fondly and are revisiting it to get everything in the game. (Which is the biggest pain in the backside you can imagine for some of those green stars!) But a fun surprise was found within the game that centers around the character Toadette.

You mean I could have been playing as Toadette this entire time instead of hunting treasure with her?!? Courtesy of Nintendo.
You mean I could have been playing as Toadette this entire time instead of hunting treasure with her?!? Courtesy of Nintendo.

As you might suspect when it comes to anything Nintendo, hackers and programmers have been going through the coding to see how it works, if they can change anything, and if there are any hidden secrets within the game. Sure enough, an Australian programmer named Nickoloxx on Twitter found something cool. Turns out, there's code for Toadette to be a playable character in Super Mario 3D World. Here's what they had to say, along with a recorded file of her preparing to go into the level.

So why was the character cut from the game? We're literally just guessing here, but Toadette in other Mario Bros. titles has extra jumping abilities to her character. A bit of a hybrid between what Luigi and Peach can do when they jump. Essentially, the character is a cheat for younger players in other games to give them more airtime to collect stuff. Considering how many objects are dangling in the air and require some accurate jumping, we're guessing the character was cut since having Toadette would be the same as having the Invincibility Leaf, only without the invincibility. But considering the files are apparently in there, it's only a matter of time before someone hacks the game and programs her right back in using Toad's design.

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