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Kvark Announces For Steam Release On June 2nd

Check out the latest teaser trailer for Kvark as the game is now set to be released on June 2nd for PC via Steam.

Indie developer Latest Past and publisher Perun Creative announced this week that they will release Kvark onto PC via Steam on June 2nd, 2023. If you haven't seen this one yet, the game is a first-person shooter that has bee set in a fictional version of the Czech Republic during the '80s. You'll have to navigate an underground facility that is falling apart as you make your way through the place. We got a new teaser trailer for you below to enjoy before the game comes out in about five weeks.

Kvark Announces For Steam Release On June 2nd
Credit: Perun Creative

"Congratulations, valued future employee, on your decision to interview for a position of [REDACTED] at Kvark! We commend you on your impeccable decision-making skills, which will reflect positively on your overall assessment. While you wait for your complimentary lunch of dill cream sauce, dumplings, and exactly 110 grams of what is most assuredly a beef sirloin steak, we have prepared a short presentation for you on what you can expect from working at our facility… apart from the sense of pride and accomplishment that you are helping to secure the nation and advance the humankind! Here at Kvark, we take security very seriously. Our mining, production, and research facilities are guarded 24/7 by highly trained security personnel with access to a wide array of weapons tools to help them deal with any unexpected situations, ranging from riots incited by imperialist infiltrators to [REDACTED]. Rest assured that we take every precaution possible to make sure that these dangerous, double-barreled, and even explosive weapons tools do not end up in your wrong hands."

  • Fast-paced fights with a plethora of weapons, from wrenches to grenades, bazookas, and the iconic EK-48.
  • Uniquely designed, diverse, and challenging enemies that require swift tactics and weapon swapping, quick thinking, and constant movement.
  • An intriguing story told through hidden notepads that the player must find to reveal.
  • Search for suspicious substances that may help you with your efforts.
  • Simple to intricate puzzles that the player will have to solve to progress.
  • Detailed, interactive levels that reward players willing to explore with hidden Easter eggs, secrets, and achievements.
  • Stylized retro graphics that bring old-school gaming nostalgia.
  • A strong "just-one-more-level" vibe and loads of explosive fun!

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