Labyrinth Legend Receives A New Gameplay Trailer

NIS America took the time this week to drop a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming release of Labyrinth Legend. In what is a complete throwback to the old-school dungeon crawler games you used to see on the NES and SEGA Master System, this game will have you running around every digital nook and cranny seeking out weapons and armor to battle monsters and find treasure. All with a much more modern feeling and gameplay to it. This latest trailer shows off more of what you can expect and how exactly the mechanics of the game will work out as you explore. Enjoy the trailer as this new adventure will be released on Nintendo Switch on January 18th, 2021.

Labyrinth Legend Receives A New Gameplay Trailer
Credit: NIS America

Labyrinth Legend offers players a satisfying dungeon-crawling experience brought to life by retro-inspired pixel graphics. The action-oriented combat uses simple yet satisfying gameplay mechanics that both new and veteran gamers can enjoy. Set in the kingdom of Kanata, Labyrinth Legend focuses on the stories of a monster-filled domain known as the Labyrinth that is said to house a lost royal treasure. Choose your lone adventurer from one of three unique classes, each harboring their own special abilities, and enter the Labyrinth to test your skills.

The deeper you go into the Labyrinth, the more the game's story reveals itself, growing and evolving with your progression. At the end of each dungeon, you'll find monstrous bosses that will be sure to pose a threat, so take care to power up your character and learn the bosses' attacks! New features coming to the Nintendo Switch release include a brand-new dungeon with new story elements and more powerful items. A new class also makes an appearance—the Nightcrawler—specializing in physical attacks. And lastly, local co-op will allow players to team up with family and friends to conquer the most difficult of dungeons.

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