Latest PS5 Update Adds Missing Feature From Launch

Some weirdly good news for PS5 owners as the Sony Interactive Entertainment will be adding a feature that was missing when it launched. A new firmware update will be coming soon that you'll want to download, especially if you have an HDTV or monitor that can handle Variable Refresh Rate settings, as this update will be including that very feature. The funny part about this is that according to Sony's own promotion for the console, it was supposed to come with VRR settings, as a few different websites have pointed out on the PlayStation Blog. But when the thing came out, a lot of people noticed that, for whatever reason, it just wasn't included. We're going to give Sony the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume that due to the time crunch and the rush to get this out by launch date and the fact that pretty much everything else except the Xbox Series X was getting delayed due to COVID-19… they pushed to console out without it knowing full well it would be missing and would add it as an update later.

Yes, you'll soon have VRR capabilities like you should have had all along very soon. Courtesy of Sony.
Yes, you'll soon have VRR capabilities like you should have had all along very soon. Courtesy of Sony.

Another reason the PlayStation 5 probably launched without it at the time is that very few titles in the entire Sony library of games can support it. Think about it for a moment: If you know for a fact that only 7-8 games out there can use this when you go live, are you really gonna push yourselves or possibly delay the PS5 and anger millions of people for one feature? Probably not. No word yet on when the firmware update will officially launch, nor has it been made clear as to what else it will be including. With any luck, it won't be a multi-GB download.

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