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Magic: The Gathering Made Multiple Reveals At MagicCon: Las Vegas

MagicCon: Las Vegas took place this past weekend, as Wizards of the Coast made multiple Magic: The Gathering announcements.

Wizards of the Coast held MagicCon: Las Vegas over the weekend, and with it came multiple Magic: The Gathering announcements and updates. The three main releases they talked about at the event were the Jurassic Park crossover event called Lost Caverns Of Ixalan, the new holiday-centric The Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth Holiday, and the first set of 2024, Ravnica Remastered. We have the details and a ton of artwork to show you for all three down below.

Magic: The Gathering Made Multiple Reveals At MagicCon: Las Vegas
Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Lost Caverns Of Ixalan (November 17)

A year after the Phyrexian invasion created terror and havoc across the multiverse, competing expeditions race to reach a secret world hidden below Ixalan, seeking vast riches, answers to new mysteries, legendary wonders, and ancient gods newly awoken. We will have some familiar faces making a return in this set, including one who will be making their first appearance as a Planeswalker.

There will be vampires and merfolk, and a fresh face who made his debut in the Wilds of Eldraine. However, the main "characters" are the dinosaurs, and this set will feature cards inspired by Jurassic World, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. These cards will feature fan-favorite characters, locations, and dinosaurs from across the franchise.

Lost Caverns of Ixalan will feature exciting booster fun cards themed around the world of Ixalan and its Meso and South American-inspired culture. Borderless Oltec cards will use a similarly inspired art style to portray the plane. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan team has taken great care to portray work inspired by the culture with respect and reverence. The prerelease events in Wizards Play Network stores starts on Nov. 10, and the worldwide launch kicks off on Nov. 17.

Magic: The Gathering Made Multiple Reveals At MagicCon: Las Vegas
Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth Holiday (November 3)

"The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday set continues to explore the familiar characters and locations in creative ways and builds from the main set, which was released in June. A Jumpstart release, Jumpstart Vol. 2, is perfect for new and experienced players alike and a great way to way to spend time with family over the holidays (and beyond). This release has five additional themes for mixing and matching: mortals, cunning, orcish, riders, elven. Shuffle and play!"

"The borderless scene cards were a major hit with the main set release of The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. For the holiday release, we created four more scenes, featuring six brand-new mechanically unique cards and bringing them together for a panoramic scene that depicts pivotal moments in the story. The Might of Galadriel, Aragon at Helm's Deep, Gandalf in The Pelennor Fields, and Flight of The Witch-King are beautiful in their own right, but each tells a wonderful story."

"For the fans of the traditional Hildebrandt art, we have Greg and Tim Hildebrandt classic The Lord of the Rings art paired with existing Magic card reprints. Twenty in total, they feature a suite of cards chosen specifically for this treatment. Showcase Scrolls of Middle-earth brings select cards from the main release into a gorgeous book-inspired alternate treatment. They appear like they are pulled straight from an old, weathered, and well-loved book."

Magic: The Gathering Made Multiple Reveals At MagicCon: Las Vegas
Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering – Ravnica Remastered (January 12)

To kick off 2024, fans will head back to the worldwide city of Ravnica and a return to the guilds in Ravnica Remastered. This set features classic cards with bold card treatments of anime art and retro frames, as well as dual shock lands in regular, borderless, and retro versions. Ravnica Remastered brings the most iconic cards from previous Ravnica sets together for a supercharged and nostalgic draft experience and unique collectible offering. Everything loved about Ravnica is here; the guilds, the setting, the characters, and the gameplay. Bring the old-school flair with the retro frame cards and add new treasures to your deck with the serialized anime cards.

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