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How To Disable AR Mapping Quests In Pokémon GO

If you're tired of missing out on Field Research from Pokéstops in favor of the new AR Mapping tasks in Pokémon GO, there is an easy way to avoid getting another one of these tasks ever again.

Still of AR Mapping video announcement for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Still of AR Mapping video announcement for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Recently, Niantic announced the addition of AR Mapping tasks to Pokémon GO. We were hopeful that this feature, while not as exciting as other rollouts this year such as Mega Evolution or Remote Raid Invites, would offer trainers some interesting rewards not available in the normal Pokéstop task pool. We thought that it "wouldn't impede gameplay in any way." Oops.

Instead, what happened was that in exchange for uploading video footage of the Pokéstop or Gym, the AR Mapping task would offer something mundane… like Potions. It would be somewhat annoying but inoffensive, but rolling it out near the Halloween 2020 event where Spiritomb, the key Shiny release, was only available through tasks, infuriated players. On Pokéstops that were known to have the coveted Spiritomb task, some were getting increasingly annoying AR Mapping tasks, missing out on what they really wanted. Even turning this feature off in their settings didn't completely protect these trainers from getting new AP Mapping tasks. There is, however, a way to guarantee that you'll will never receive a new one. Here's what you do.

The next time you receive an AR Mapping task in Pokémon GO… don't do it. Don't take any footage. Just spin it and move on. Don't delete the task. Keep it, incomplete, in your tasks. You will still be allowed to spin and stack three other regular Pokéstop tasks because these Mapping tasks have their own slot in your Research tab. Keeping one of these tasks incomplete will stop you from getting another because you can only have one AR Mapping task at a time. With this unfinished task in the one and only AP Mapping slot, you are free to spin Pokéstops and get the original tasks and rewards from the stop as desired.

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