Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Receives Spectator Mode & New Characters

SEGA has released a new update into Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 today, and with it comes some new additions and new characters to play with. Unfortunately, this appears to also be the final update for the game, according to the devs, as they prepare to release the Steam version of the game on March 23rd. We have a rundown of what's included in this update below along with some screenshots, as players will be getting more music, more avatars, an added difficulty level, four new characters to choose from, and a spectator mode for those who just like to watch people go against each other.

Now you can kick back and watch people battle each other. Courtesy of SEGA.
Now you can kick back and watch people battle each other. Courtesy of SEGA.
  • Bolster up your roster with new playable characters — Harpy, a kind-hearted winged girl who loves to sing but is tragically off-pitch, can buff your party's MP Recovery in Skill Battle mode; Legamünt, a member of the holy knighthood with unmatched abilities, holds the power to increase your party's Attack while reducing the opponent's Defense by a percentage; Ragnus, a justice-focused hero from another realm who mysteriously took on a child's form, can remove debuffs inflicted on friends, among other skills; Rozatte, a teacher-like figure who mentors those apprenticing in magic, is able to fortify your team and remove several rows of Tetriminos from the board.
  • Spectator mode — Competitive League and casual Free Play matches can now be spectated by up to four viewers online who can cheer on players and even place their guesses on which competitor will come out victorious.
  • Background tracks — Enjoy four great new songs, like "Escape from the City (Cash Cash RMX)" from Sonic Generations, to find the right tune for your match!
  • New Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Avatars — 20 more to choose from, fitting every player's customization preferences.
  • Added difficulty level – Take on Boss Raid Mode with the highest stakes possible through a new difficulty level – Super Spicy mode – for players who are ready to take their skills over the top.

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