Magnetic Press Play Reveals More Info On Carbon Grey

Last week, Magnetic Press revealed their new gaming wing, Magnetic Press Play. Now they're revealing more on their first game, Carbon Grey. We have some of the details on the game below, but the biggest reveal of the day is that they will be launching a Kickstarter on August 3rd to help fund the project and possibly get some added content for the game. Those who pre-register for the game's Kickstarteahead of time will receive a free bonus linen print with their pledge, plus they will be throwing in additional bonus prints to be awarded on Day-1 and during each week of the campaign as a reward to backers for pledging early. You can find out more info about it at the link above.

Magnetic Press Play Launched, Unveils First Tabletop Game Project
An array of contents from the tabletop game by Magnetic Press Play based on the acclaimed graphic novel series Carbon Grey.

The Carbon Grey TTRPG, based on the graphic novel series of the same name, sets players in a unique alternate history reminiscent of World War I-era Europe, but with fantastic dieselpunk technologies and elements of the paranormal. In the game, players will explore a war-torn universe filled with mystery, prophecy, and intrigue. The core rulebook is written and overseen by game designer and graphic novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska, an ENnie and UKGE award winner for his work on the recent Alien RPG from Free League and the lead writer of the Terminator RPG from Nightfall Games.

Built upon the classic D6 System developed by West End Games, the Carbon Grey role-playing game will be the first release to use the Magnetic Variant of the popular tabletop role-playing game rules (D6MV).  The Magnetic Variant rewinds the D6 system back to its classic roots while streamlining it for a modern audience. Rules variations unique to the Magnetic Variant of the system include Genre Defined Attributes, Streamlined Skills, and Character Quirks and Obligations. Space/time in Carbon Grey is bent — apply too much pressure and it will snap — so a special Wild Die has been added to the formula representing this element of chaos to the game — chaos that can cause Continuity Surges, Flux Effects, and more.

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