Michael Pachter Predicts The PlayStation 5 By 2019

Get ready to start saving $700 and putting a hold down on a PlayStation 5, because according to Michael Patcher, the next console is only two years away. If you're not familiar with Michael Pachter, the man is an analyst for Wedbush Securities and focuses on areas like social media, electronics, and video games.

He's got a pretty good track record of predicting how the industry will go and how certain companies will act and react down the road. Not to mention calling BS like it is, like criticizing DLC content as "greedy" and fans of certain series as children who are never happy. But he also has a track record of being totally wrong (like choosing Blockbuster over Netflix) and saying terrible things like calling former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata "the late and not so great" on his podcast. We bring this up so you know we're not praising the guy or knocking him, we're just stating that he's probably about 65/35 all-time career.

His latest prediction that he gave to Gaming Bolt suggests that the PlayStation 5 will be released by 2019, 2020 at the latest. He says the PS4 Pro was a "half-step" in 2016 toward the next system and falls in line with a timeline for upgrading to a next-gen system, which would mean the PS5 would be three years away from that at 2019. It's also a logical step forward as he believes 50% of the marketplace will be in 4K by that time, assuming people upgrade faster than they did to HDTV when it first came out. The only major question Patcher puts out there is whether or not the next system will be backwards compatible.

Keep in mind that these are not hard facts, and that Patcher's work is purely speculative and has no real insider knowledge to Sony's business plans any more than you do at home reading articles like this across multiple sites. But if you believe he's on the right track, now would be a good time to throw away $20 a month into a small PS5 account in your bank and prepare for the next console upgrade before it slaps you in the face.

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