Modiphius Entertainment Releases Quickstar Rules For Achtung! Cthulhu

Modiphius Entertainment has decided to help players out with Achtung! Cthulhu as they have released a Quickstart set of rules. The game, if you've ever tried it, can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to playing it from time to time, and on occasion can leave you confused. That's why the company decided to release this totally free 48-page PDF that should help smooth over some of the processes. The PDF comes with free tips for starting GMs, a beginner journey to get players into the game more called "A Quick Trip To France", five pre-generated characters, and a chance to battle a special occult. We have additional details below from the team at Modiphius, but hey, this is a free guide to an RPG. Why wouldn't you want to download it?

Modiphius Entertainment Releases Quickstar Rules For Achtung! Cthulhu
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Achtung! Cthulhu started out as a setting for Lovecraftian roleplaying — taking place during an alternate history World War II. A secret war is being fought as the Nazis forge alliances with ancient and terrible gods, unearth arcane technologies, and unleash nightmares on the battlefield. Players must discover the truth behind the Mythos' influence as conflict engulfs the globe during the most significant conflict in world history. In this pulp-influenced world of brave Allied heroes, secret agents, mysterious mystics, and dauntless two-fisted adventure, players take on the roles of Allied servicemen and women, secret agents, members of the French Resistance, or even hapless civilians caught up in the wider conflict. All stand firm against the twisted might of the Nazis and their occult forces, including the Cult of the Black Sun, who wield foul magic and summon ancient horrors in their bid to unleash Yog-Sothoth and Nachtwölfe, the Night Wolves, who place their trust in weird science and wonder weapons to prevail.

"We're really excited to share this Quickstart version of Achtung! Cthulhu with our community and give them a first glimpse of what this new and updated edition has in store for them," said Chris Birch, Founder of Modiphius Entertainment. "This latest edition delves deeper into the darker side of the mythos and throws players into an epic struggle against both the Nazi Occult and the Great Old Ones in a war that has spanned millennia."

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