New Blood Interactive Releases New Gloomwood Gameplay Video

New Blood Interactive has released a brand new video today showing off more of the gameplay from their upcoming game Gloomwood. As you might recall from the PC Gaming Show during E3 2021, New Blood's reveal for the game was "cut off" by a message from Gabe Newell. Well, it looks like the company decided to release the footage we would have seen as we've got a five-minute video showing off a good chunk of what to expect from the game. In what is essentially a love letter to the immersive survival PC games of the late '90s, Trapped in a dark, you're running around a dark Victorian city consumed by an ancient curse, finding different ways to survive and maybe, just maybe, lifting the curse. Probably not, but hopeful! Enjoy the video below!

Credit: New Blood Interactive
Credit: New Blood Interactive

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS that follows your mysterious abduction to a forgotten, twisted Victorian metropolis in the midst of a horrifying transformation. Wield your canesword and take to the shadows as you uncover the accursed mystery hidden within the fog.

From the producers of DuskAmid Evil and Faith comes a frightening, gothic immersive sim that will have you explore haunted streets, dark tunnels and decadent mansions. An intricate, hand-crafted city with freeform exploration – from towering rooftops down to hidden passages, the routes you take and paths you make, are your choice. A detailed stealth and sound system that tracks your light visibility and propagates noise accurately through the world. Tread lightly. Or prepare to get loud. A unique arsenal to meet any situation – a stealthy canesword, six-shot revolver, folding shotgun, hand-placed traps, rope-slinging harpoon rifle and more.

In-depth player interactivity, from leaning to eavesdrop, peeking through door cracks, checking the remaining bullets in your firearms and mantling onto ledges. The town is full of objects to pick up, throw, climb and smash and use to your advantage.A mob of ghastly denizens and monsters with acute senses, like the sharp-clawed Crowmen and the fearsome, cadaver-seeking Corpse Duster.

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