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New World Launches New Halloween Event Called Nightveil Hallow

Amazon Games has launched a new Halloween-themed event for New World as players will delve into Nightveil Hallow. From now until November 1st, you'll be able to play a special set of circumstances in the game that will have you battling against pumpkin-headed villains and a major boss fight designed to freak you out. We have snippets from the latest blog talking about the new addition to the game, as you can play this content right now for the next few days.

New World Launches New Halloween Event Called Nightveil Hallow
Credit: Amazon Games


"When conceiving the demon Baalphazu, we wanted to hint at the existence of other parallel worlds," said Narrative Designer Aaron de Orive. "The Netherworld is a mysterious realm of shadows and nightmares, where the dark figure of Lord Tenebrous rules over the Host, a collection of goblins, ghouls, and other terrors. Baalphazu is one of the Netherworld's dread captains, eager to carry out the will of his twisted master by spreading fear throughout the island of immortals."


"We tossed a few names around when conceiving this demon," said Aaron. "When it comes to New World, our goal is to have creatures and NPCs that are familiar but still uniquely Aeternum. I was fond of the name 'Belphegor' while Deric Nunez favored 'Pazuzu' so it's easy to see how we settled on Baalphazu."


"Any new holiday event starts with establishing the 'reason for the season,' or the major shift that causes all of the associated festivities," said Deric. "The conceptualization of the Pumpkinites was that first step toward developing the overall framework of Nightveil Hallow."

"The idea of monstrous pumpkin creatures running amok across Aeternum was too fun to pass on and the Concept/AI Teams did a killer job developing each one to convey their own sense of personality and purpose. Of the bunch, the Pumpklin is the one I'd consider to be the mascot of the event as it's a direct homage to the "small creature" horror films of the 80's. I can totally see this little guy standing claw-to-claw against the Critters."


"Despite being the smallest and most fodder creature of the bunch, the Pumpklins were a deceivingly intricate mob to create as they are vital to defeating Baalphazu," said Deric. "The concept of defeating an enemy and picking up its head to throw at others was as wild to pitch as it was to develop. A lot of new tech had to be created and there were many moving parts. It was a cross-departmental effort."

"Everyone involved with the process did such an amazing job, it's immensely satisfying mowing them down by the dozens and seeing their heads fly across the battlefield. I'm incredibly excited the Pumpklin is now a permanent fixture of Aeternum, and can't wait to see what other shenanigans it can get itself into."


"Controlled chaos is how I'd best describe the primary creative design pillar of the fight," said Deric. "It's fast and hectic, but includes a large boss space to create a more epic atmosphere in two ways — many players can participate without feeling too crowded and Baalphazu and his Pumpkinites have a lot of room to move."

"I love how his dialogue and taunts were worked so heavily into the flow of the fight to convey both narrative and phase transitions to players. If I had to pick one specific moment of the Baalphazu fight I'm particularly pleased with (aside from everything), the presentation and performance of his final death explosion completely nailed the goal of an 80's cult horror villain death. It is a perfect celebratory moment to close out the encounter."

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