Noble Fates Will Come To Early Access Next Week

Independent developer and publisher Xobermo has announced that their upcoming game Noble Fates is coming to Steam's Early Access. This one is a 3D fantasy kingdom simulator where you will have to build a kingdom worthy of lasting recognition. The game starts you off as a member of a group of outcasts from a nearby kingdom who end up stumbling across a crown, at which point you will choose who the ruler of this newfound kingdom is and start planning and building while fending off everyone else who tries to oppose them. All while establishing yourself and your new home surrounded by other kingdoms who don't take too kindly to seeing a rising land in their backyard. You can check out the latest trailer for it down below as it will officially launch into Early Access on December 14th, 2021.

Noble Fates Will Come To Early Access Next Week
Credit: Xobermo

Mortals in Noble Fates have diverse opinions and long-term memories where they remember the interactions that have impacted them the most. Did you butcher their friend? Steal their supplies? Tend their wounds? Honor them at a great feast? Make them eat human flesh? They remember. They talk about it. Everyone reacts.

The player recruits Nobles to grow their kingdom's ranks. They'll distribute wealth to satisfy ambitions; decide the fates of mortals when things go wrong; defend their kingdom from threats and foster relationships with their neighbors. They'll bask in the adoration and appreciation of a generous reign or face the consequences of living as a tyrant. The story continues as long as there is someone left to wear the crown! New to the genre — players can take full control of their ruler in third person at any time! They'll appreciate their castle from a new perspective. Embark on a peaceful stroll through the forest. Live out cinematic moments like hopping down from the battlements to ambush foes.

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