Nominations For The Steam Awards 2020 Are Now Open

Valve Corporation revealed today that they have officially opened up nominations for the 2020 version of The Steam Awards. They're back again as you can nominate new games into categories for them to potentially win an award. The catch to the system (aside from the requirement of a Steam account) is that you can only nominate from a certain pool of games that qualify in specific categories, or games you specifically own, as a way to prevent cheating or ballot-stuffing. We have a snippet from the FAQ below and you can start nominating games by going to the link above. You can nominate between November 25th and December 1st, with winners being announced on January 3rd.

The ballots are open for you to nominate, courtesy of Valve Corporation.
The ballots are open for you to nominate, courtesy of Valve Corporation.
Who can nominate a game for the Steam Awards?
To prevent nomination abuse and botting, any non-limited Steam account can nominate and vote in the Steam Awards.
How do I set my nominations?
To nominate games, search for them in the Steam store, then click "Nominate this game for an award" and select a category for that game.
Which games can I nominate?
For every category except Labor of Love, only games that released on Steam after the 2019 Autumn Sale (December 3, 2019 at 10AM Pacific) will be eligible for nominations. For the Labor of Love category, all released games are eligible for nomination with the exception of previous year's winners (Warframe & GTA V). Note that you will only be able to nominate a specific game for a Steam Award category once.
Can I edit my nominations?
Yes, click the "Edit" button above your current choice to change your nomination.
How do I share my nominees with my friends?
To share your nominees, click on the "Generate new link" button right below the Steam Award categories on this page. You'll be able to create a link to share your nominations page with your friends even if you haven't finished nominating for all categories. Generating a new link will invalidate any prior links.

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