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Valve Corporation has officially launched the Steam Next Fest today with over 100 titles for you to check out For those of you who are not already aware, the Steam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn more about a plethora of[...]
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Valve Corporation revealed this week they have renamed the Steam Game Festival to the Steam Next Fest, which will start in June The company didn't really give any kind of riveting explanation as to why they were changing the name, other than we highly suspect that don't want to be lost in the shuffle when[...]
DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Netflix Announces Animated Series From Game
Today, Netflix announced the imminent release of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, an all-new anime series based on the popular DOTA 2 video-game franchise by Valve The 8-episode anime series is set to launch globally on the streamer on March 25. Credit: Netflix DOTA 2 is one of the biggest online games in the world, hosting millions of players[...]
Valve Officially Announces Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition
Valve Corporation officially revealed today that the Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition will officially start next week The event kicks off Wednesday, February 3rd at 10am PT and will run all the way until that same time on February 9th The event is a chance for gamers to play brand-new demos and essentially "Play[...]
Valve Reveals The Full 2020 Steam Awards Winners
Over the weekend, Valve Corporation finally released its full list of 2020 Steam Awards winners, as chosen by the players themselves We have the complete list for you below, and while there are a decent range of modern games that have won awards, you'll forgive us if we chuckle at the idea that CS:GO won[...]
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Receives Operation Broken Fang
It's been a long minute since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got a good operation update, but this week, Valve loaded a new one in The tenth Operation for the game is called Broken Fang and it brings in a new competitive mode, a detailed personal statistics display, several new agents, new weapon collections, new stickers, and[...]
Nominations For The Steam Awards 2020 Are Now Open
Valve Corporation revealed today that they have officially opened up nominations for the 2020 version of The Steam Awards They're back again as you can nominate new games into categories for them to potentially win an award The catch to the system (aside from the requirement of a Steam account) is that you can only[...]
PS5 DualSense Controller
Valve Corporation revealed today that they have thrown in a new update to Steam that will allow you to use a PS5 controller, if you wish Over the past few years, that company has been making it so that if you want to switch from the mouse and keyboard and want to use whatever remove[...]
Steam is Reportedly Introducing New "Remote Play Together" Feature
Valve Corporation revealed a new addition to Steam for game developers as you can bow try out your game with Steam Playtest This system is the company's way of giving you a way to set up your game on their system without making it officially live and testing out everything related to their system Essentially[...]
Valve Announces The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest
Valve Corporation revealed a brand new event will be coming to Steam in the month of October with the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest As you might suspect from the name, the event will be covering all things tabletop gaming that takes place in video games The event will run totally online from October 21st-26th, 2020,[...]
Valve Reveals The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition For October
Valve revealed this morning that they will be holding the Autumn Edition of the Steam Game Festival in October this year After the rousing success of the previous festivals and the way they attracted people online, it appears this will now be a continuing tradition The Autumn Edition will run much like the Summer Edition[...]
Steam is Reportedly Introducing New "Remote Play Together" Feature
But since Valve doesn't have one and the official Steam one hasn't been used in over three years, it's kind of hard for us to get any kind of confirmation about what's happening at the moment In fact, Steam's primary Twitter hasn't posted a message in three days, so if you didn't launch the program[...]
Valve Reschedules The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition
Another event has been rescheduled this week as Valve sent out a notice to media today about the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition If you're not familiar with this festival, it's basically a chance for indie developers to show off all of the latest indie games coming out Many studios are taking advantage of it[...]
Artifact Reboot Art
For those of you who actually want to play the updated Dota card game Artifact, a beta of version 2.0 is coming from Valve next week The developers made the announcement earlier today, letting players know that the beta will basically test "boring stuff", and that invites will start trickling out soon First with original[...]