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Overwatch 2 Launches New Collaboration With Porsche

Overwatch 2 has launcheds a brand new crossover with Porche, as you can snag a pair of legendary skins for D,va and Pharah.

Article Summary

  • Overwatch 2 unveils a Porsche collaboration with exclusive D.Va and Pharah skins.
  • New legendary skins feature Porsche's all-electric Macan and Taycan designs.
  • Purchase items individually or in a Mega Bundle before the event ends on June 3, 2024.
  • Complete event challenges to earn 40,000 Battle Pass XP and special rewards.

Blizzard Entertainment has launched a new collaboration in Overwatch 2 this week, as you'll be seeing some new additions featuring Porche. As you can see from the images here, and Pharah will be decked out in special skins made to look like the automobile maker's iconic cars. Specifically, the fully-electric designs as they're hyping that end of the line with this crossover. We have more details below as this collab will run until June 3, 2024.

Overwatch 2 Launches New Collaboration With Porsche
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 x Porsche

Electrify the battlefield when you snag the co-designed collab Porsche D.Va and Porsche Pharah Legendary skins from the shop, featuring exclusive paint textures and custom sound effects from the new all-electric Porsche Macan and Taycan. D.Va drives to victory in her reimagined mech, inspired by the sleek design of the all-electric Porsche Macan Turbo. The stunning new look integrates elements of the all-electric Porsche Macan Turbo, from its distinct headlights, coil suspension, and brake calipers to the luxury interior. The Porsche D.Va Bundle will also have the Test Drive Highlight Intro, Night Drive name card, Porsche avatar, and the Sweet Ride spray.

Meanwhile, Pharah charges the battlefield with a reimagined combat suit infused with the essence of the all-electric Porsche Taycan. Experience the thrill of flight, highlighting Porsche's renowned craftsmanship with the sleek lights, forged wheels, and tinted glass featured in Pharah's collab skin. The Porsche Pharah bundle will also include the Porsche Flight name card. These high-voltage cosmetics can be purchased all together through the Porsche Mega Bundle or individually with the Porsche D.Va and Porsche Pharah Bundles until June 3. During the collaboration event, charge through challenges to earn up to 40,000 Battle Pass XP, the Porsche and Zero to Sixty name cards, and the Porsche Drift spray. Each cosmetic has been meticulously crafted to bring the cutting-edge style and innovation of Porsche directly into the Overwatch 2 universe.

Overwatch 2 Launches New Collaboration With Porsche
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Legendary Skins

  • Porsche D.Va Legendary Skin: Incorporating elements from the electric Porsche Macan Turbo, this skin features customized headlights and suspension designs, tailored to enhance D.Va's in-game mech.
  • Porsche Pharah Legendary Skin: Drawing inspiration from the electric Porsche Taycan, this skin integrates the vehicle's signature headlights and taillights into Pharah's suit, offering a fresh aesthetic and an aerodynamic edge.
Each new skin brings Porsche's iconic design directly to your favorite heroes, combined with custom sound effects and exclusive paint textures that reflect Porsche's luxury and performance. This collaboration sets a new standard for integrating lifestyle and gaming, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in both industries.

Rewards and Challenges

  • Earn 40,000 Battle Pass XP: Complete specific challenges during the event to accelerate your Battle Pass progression.
  • Unlock High-Voltage-Themed Rewards: Engage in the event to earn unique, electric-themed rewards that add to the thrill of the game.

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