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Overwatch 2 Reveals New Tank Hero Coming This December
Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new gameplay trailer for Overwatch 2 for their new incoming tank hero Ramattra will debut November 26th It's a weird juxtaposition in that the team made the announcement about the trailer today as a way to tease their Double XP weekend that just kicked off, but isn't going to reveal it[...]
Overwatch 2 Teams With Butterfinger For In-Game Content
Blizzard Entertainment has teamed up with Butterfinger as they have a couple of special additions added to Overwatch 2 in a new promotion Three new items have been added to the game, which include two sprays and one player icon All of them can be obtained by buying specially marked Butterfinger bars and entering the[...]
Overwatch 2 Reveals New Tank Hero Coming This December
Blizzard Entertainment revealed this morning they will be bringing a brand new tank character to Overwatch 2 in December The devs have wasted no time in making the latest version of the game feel a little more lived-in as they have slowly started to expand on the storyline set forth from the launch of the[...]
Overwatch 2 Launches Halloween Terror 2022 Event
Blizzard Entertainment dropped new info today on the latest event for Overwatch 2, as Halloween Terror 2022 is now live Much like it has been in the past, you'll be playing to get new skins and other goodies throughout the next few weeks, as they have a new storyline centered around the latest characters that[...]
Overwatch 2 Devs Reveal Latest Update Details With Maps & Balances
Blizzard Entertainment dropped a new blog this week for Overwatch 2 as they detailed the latest update to the game after Week 1 The major changes that came from the latest update were seeing maps being rotated out in various modes, although you can play any map in custom game modes Competitive has been given[...]
Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment announced this afternoon that Overwatch 2 will be getting multiple updates today following its launch issues In case you didn't know, the game was swamped with players on the first day the new servers were active, but the few who did get in didn't get to enjoy it very long as hackers sent[...]
Overwatch 2 Reveals More Movement Toward Positive Gameplay
Blizzard Entertainment has released new notes regarding Overwatch 2 and their plans to have more positive gameplay moving forward As you may or may not know, the game is going to be turning into a free-to-play title when the sequel launches on October 4th With a lot of games when they become free, it tends[...]
Overwatch 2 Reveals New Battle Pass System & New Hero Kiriko
Blizzard Entertainment revealed two new items for Overwatch 2 this week with both a new hero and the new battle pass system First off, the latest character being added to the game is a new support hero by the name of Kiriko She has been designed to support her team through gentle healing, as well[...]
Overwatch 2 Will Have Cross-Progression Added
Blizzard Entertainment has news Overwatch 2 fans have wanted to hear as they will be incorporating cross-progression into the game The shorthand to this is if you happen to have multiple accounts across different platforms, you can now merge everything into a single Battle.net account Collecting all of the costumes and achievements together in one[...]
Overwatch Launches Anniversary Remix Volume 3
Blizzard Entertainment has launched a brand new event into Overwatch this week as players can take part in the Anniversary Remix Vol 3 This is basically an open season on anything and everything event-related as the devs have opened all of the Archives, Summer Games, Halloween, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, and more Along with[...]
Mercy Receives New Royal Knight Outfit In Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment has released a brand new skin for Mercy into Overwatch as you can suit up as a royal knight right now The team has put together this awesome-looking "Joust" skin, which is being called the Royal Knight Mercy, which pays homage to last year's June Joust in the Overwatch League The Royal Knight[...]
Twitch Rivals' Overwatch Pride Celebration Happens Today
Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch have come together for their Overwatch Pride Celebration, which will take place on Twitch Rivals today Two teams will be playing Overwatch 2 today, July 12th, in a special competition in which they will be raising funds for The Trevor Project, with Blizzard already pledging $250k in support of the LGBTQIA+[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Gives More Details For Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a little bit more on their latest Overwatch 2 character, the Junker Queen, with a new trailer and a blog The blog gives a better look at everything about the character from their weapon choices all the way to their abilities that you can use in play We have some of the[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Gives More Details For Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment held a special livestream this week featuring the team behind Overwatch 2 as they gave more details about the game The key points that we learned over the past week and from the team is that the game will be free-to-play when it launches on October 4th You won't need to own the[...]
Overwatch League & Call Of Duty League To Air In Movie Theaters
Activision Blizzard has partnered up with Cinemark to bring both the Overwatch League and the Call Of Duty League to movie theaters Since the leagues are still basically doing limited seating at occasional events here and there, the audience participation they were building up for prior to the pandemic hasn't really had a chance to[...]
Overwatch League Will Have Overwatch 2 Demo During Battle For Texas
Beasley Esports revealed more activities for the Overwatch League "Battle For Texas" between the Dallas Fuel and the Houston Outlaws Previously we mentioned this will be the first event since BlizzCon 2019 where fans attending will be able to try out a beta for Overwatch 2 with other live players in the arena Now a[...]
Overwatch 2 Gives Doomfist & Orisa Tank Overhauls
Blizzard Entertainment released new info today about Overwatch 2 as the beta is giving both Doomfist and Orisa an overhaul as tanks The two have been given some buffs and a few nerfs as the team addresses some of the things they are lacking while also tempering a few of the things that have made[...]
Overwatch Releases New Info On Next Hero Sojourn
Blizzard Entertainment released new info today about the next Overwatch character on the way called Sojourn The team took some time to put out a couple of videos of her, which we have for you below, along with her abilities and some additional info on the Canadian character You can read some of the notes[...]
Overwatch League Will Have Overwatch 2 Demo During Battle For Texas
Blizzard Entertainment has some cool news for Overwatch League fans headed to Battle For Texas, as you can try Overwatch 2 Those looking to get their hands on the game will have a chance to do so next month at the Tech Port Arena as you'll be able to try the PvP closed beta in[...]
Overwatch Reveals Plans For Sixth Anniversary Celebration
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed their plans for the sixth anniversary of Overwatch, and while it looks fun, it's also a bit of a rerun This event will be running from April 5th to the 25th, and they announced they'll have two more anniversary events coming during the Summer This one will kick off with the[...]
Overwatch 2 Receives New Community/Developer Update
Blizzard Entertainment released a new blog this week detailing the new ping system that will be implemented into Overwatch 2 Essentially the system is getting a revamp and will be designed to help improve player communication and coordination At least, that's the hope, as it's still untested with a regular playerbase Apparently this was a[...]
Overwatch 2 Receives New Community/Developer Update
Blizzard Entertainment has released a brand new video giving both a community and developer update for Overwatch 2 In what feels like the longest time since we've heard any news about the sequel, the team has finally come forward to reveal that we will be getting a PvP Beta Test sometime in late April 2022[...]
Overwatch Launches Reaper: Code Of Violence Challenge
Blizzard Entertainment has launched a new challenge into Overwatch that takes a darker turn as you can now play Reaper: Code Of Violence The event coincides with the release of the latest short story of the same name, as they delve deeper into the backstory of everyone's favorite bad guy The event will be running[...]
Overwatch Launches The 2022 Lunar New Year Event
Blizzard Entertainment has launched the latest event into Overwatch as players can now jump into the 2022 Lunar New Year This one has the usual array of new skins, sprays, emotes, voice lines, and more, but it does feel like there aren't as many as there used to be Most likely because the team is[...]
Overwatch Launches Winter Wonderland 2021
Blizzard Entertainment has launched the Winter Wonderland 2021 event into Overwatch today, along with all the fun that comes with the event From now until January 6th, 2022, you'll be able to get in on the festivities that range from new skins and cosmetics all the way to new events There are five new Legendary[...]
Overwatch Launches Its Halloween Terror 2021 Event
Blizzard Entertainment has launched the latest seasonal event into Overwatch today as players can get in on Halloween Terror 2021 As you might suspect, a number of things are making their return for what is quite possibly the last time we see this event before Overwatch 2 is released Junkenstein's Revenge makes its comeback as[...]
Overwatch Launches The New Malevento Free For All Map
Blizzard Entertainment has released a brand new map into Overwatch as players can experience the free for all action in Malevento Taking a futuristic page out of Italy, this is a cliffside villa in a hilltop town by the waterside, which won't be as peaceful as it looks when you dive into it against other[...]
Overwatch Team Announces Plans To Change McCree's Name
The Overwatch team finally announced today that they will officially be moving forward with changing the name of the character McCree For those of you not aware, following the state of California suing Activision Blizzard to court over sexual misconduct allegations, three employees had been let go from the company One of those employees was[...]
Auto Draft
The Overwatch League announced this week they will be bringing live audiences back for the postseason happening this September Activision-Blizzard revealed the postseason will take place from Sept 4th–25th, and while much of it will be online regional play-in matches, the big events for the league will return to offline competition in North America[...]
Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Has Officially Launched
After about a week of teasing, Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched their Summer Games event 2021 into Overwatch today Starting today and running all the way until August 10th, you'll have the chance to get select skins, sprays, voice lines, and other goodies from the game as you get to kick back and have a[...]