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Hearthstone Reveals Next Expansion & 10th Anniversary Celebration
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a ton of details for the next Hearthstone expansion on the way, along with plans for the game's 10th Anniversary It's hard to believe the game only launched back in March of 2014, but a decade later, it's still going strong as one of the company's most popular titles To mark the[...]
Overwatch 2 - Season 9 Reveals More Details & Patch Notes
As Blizzard Entertainment gears up for the launch of Season 9 in Overwatch 2 later today, the team revealed more details of what's to come in the next update with patch notes The team rolled out a full set of new patch notes, which we have for you below, detailing the changes you'll see in[...]
Overwatch 2 Reveals Season 9 Will Be Revitalizing
Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details about the next season of Overwatch 2, as Season 9 looks like it will be carrying a heavier load than others before it According to the team, this season will be focused on making general gameplay, as well as competitive gameplay, fun and more accessible for everyone, as well as[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Releases Three Classic Titles For
Blizzard Entertainment announced today they have released three Legacy titles on as they celebrate Warcraft's 30th Anniversary First off, the company has made the original Diablo available, as you can relive the game in its original form Meanwhile, as part of the anniversary, you can now play the first two games in the Warcraft[...]
World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Blizzard Entertainment Has released the latest update to World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight, as Seeds Of Renewal has been released for the game Technically called Update 10.2.5, this update adds several new features as you get an expansion on dragonriding, new history unlocks in the archives, a new rebuild of a familiar location, and much more[...]
Diablo IV Reveals New Details About Season Of The Construct
Blizzard Entertainment dropped new details about the latest season coming to Diablo IV, as Season of the Construct will be released next week Players will delve into a new pit of horror as the legacy of Zoltun Kulle starts to rear its ugly head and invade the world You'll experience all-new Dungeon-type vaults and a[...]
Blizzard Entertainment has a new update for Hearthstone out on January 18, as they add a new mini-set to Showdown In The Badlands The set is called Delve Into Deepholm, and it will add 38 new cards to the mix that are designed to change up the gameplay a little but not completely change the[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Releases End-Of-2023 Letter
The end of 2023 is coming up in about a week, and with it comes the latest end-of-year letter from Blizzard Entertainment This year, it was penned by company President Mike Ybarra, as he reflected back on all of the stuff from the past year and looked ahead at 2024 We have a snippet from[...]
World Of Warcraft Reveals 2024 Roadmap With New Expansions
Blizzard Entertainment released a new blog this week with more info about their upcoming plans for World Of Warcraft and World Of Warcraft Classic The team provided updates as they prepare for the game's 20th Anniversary, as well as the 30th Anniversary of Warcraft as a whole next November The team showed off two roadmaps[...]
Diablo IV Abattoir of Zir
Blizzard Entertainment released a new patch for Diablo IV this past week, giving players new content, an event, and the addition of the Abattoir Of Zir Patch 1.2.3 brings the character and his minions to the forefront of the story after all the seasonal content is done, as well as new gameplay updates that include[...]
Diablo Immortal Reveals Next Update Will Drop December 14
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new update is on the way for Diablo Immortal, which is set to launch into the game on December 14 The team is looking to add some spicy content that will keep you coming back for a minute or two, with the top of the list being Familiars Now you'll have[...]
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Announces Details For Season 6
Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details of what players can expect in Hearthstone Battlegrounds for Season 6 as we travel to the Wild West this time around The Tavern will get a bit of a makeover starting on December 5, as the game will add  three new heroes, a new set of spells, and 32 new[...]
Diablo IV Reveals Vessel Of Hatred Expansion During BlizzCon 2023
Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new expansion is being planned for Diablo IV, as they revealed the new Vessel Of Hatred expansion at BlizzCon 2023 The team didn't get into too many details as the expansion won't be coming until sometime in 2024, but they did give us a hint that Mephisto would have a hand[...]
World Of Warcraft Classic Reveals New Season & Expansion
During BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard Entertainment revealed two new additions coming to World Of Warcraft Classic over the next few months The first was the reveal of a new season as they'll release the Season of Discovery The content from the season will launch on November 30 and bring with it a few new additions, including[...]
Diablo IV Players Can Now Donate Blood For In-Game Rewards
In what has to be one of the weirder interactive moments for gaming in 2023, Blizzard Entertainment is giving Diablo IV players rewards for actual blood Keeping in theme with the current Season Of Blood they have going on right now, the team is encouraging you to go donate your blood this month as part[...]
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed new content is on the way for Hearthstone, as they detailed the changes coming in Patch 27.6 The game will be taking a trip into the Wild West in November, or at least their version of it with Showdown in the Badlands 145 new cards will tell the story of the[...]
World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Reveals Next Two Updates
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the preliminary notes for the next two updates coming to World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight The reason we say prelim is because it feels like there are some major details missing here, which we assume will be revealed at BlizzCon 2023 in a few weeks In fact, the first one, Guardians of[...]
Diablo IV Releases Latest Quarterly Update With Season Info
Blizzard Entertainment dropped new details about the current Season of Blood for Diablo IV, while the team prepares for the game to launch on Steam First off, Season of Blood will kick off on October 17, and with it comes some brand new challenges to the Sanctuary and a lot of new dangers across the[...]
Overwatch 2 Will See Massive Updates With Season 7
Blizzard Entertainment revealed everything that's coming to Season 7 of Overwatch 2, as the game will see a massive update and changes implemented The developers dropped a new blog today in which they went over everything arriving on October 10, as the new Halloween Terror comes back, as well as a brand new Hero Balance,[...]
Warcraft Rumble Will Release For Mobile During BlizzCon 2023
Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the release date of Warcraft Rumble this week, as they are going to drop it onto iOS and Android in November The new mobile title, which serves as one of the first new Warcraft games in years, will be released on November 3 as part of the BlizzCon 2023 festivities Players will[...]
BlizzCon 2023 Reveals Details Of In-Person Events
Blizzard Entertainment released new details this week about their plans for BlizzCon 2023, as well as a date for tickets to go on sale The team revealed the new schedule, which you can see below, covering the event's programming over the course of the two-day event from November 3-4 What's more, the team has revealed[...]
Overwatch 2 Officially Launches The Anniversary 2023 Event
Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched a new event in Overwatch 2, as the annual Anniversary event has arrived for the next few weeks Starting today and running across the next three weeks, you'll have a chance to take part in several different items across the game, earning cosmetics and more along the way We have[...]
Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Arrives Thursday
Blizzard Entertainment revealed this morning that the upcoming update for Diablo Immortal called Dark Rebirth will drop this week The update will bring with it a new storyline in which strange dreams and disappearances have been happening in Wortham, which leads you into the iconic Tristram Cathedral, which has been changed and twisted but also[...]
Hearthstone Will Release Their New Titans Mini-Set Next Week
Blizzard Entertainment has some new additions coming to Hearthstone as they dropped new details about the Titans Mini-Set on the way On September 19, 38 all-new cards will be released as part of the Fall of Ulduar set, as they will bring the infamous Yogg-Saron back to the game, as he has a few new[...]
Master Your Hero In The Latest Overwatch 2 Update
Blizzard Entertainment has launched a new update mid-season for Overwatch 2, as you can now take part in Hero Mastery In case you haven't seen any of the build-up for this one, this new single-player mode is permanently available for everyone as you'll explore a training area filled with bots, obstacles, and jump pads You'll[...]
Season Five Of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Launches Today
Blizzard Entertainment has launched Season Five of Hearthstone Battlegrounds this morning, bringing with it an all-new gladiatorial contest The team has slowly been changing up the way the game operates for a minute now, as Patch 27.2 made it more of an arena as you'll start fighting in a contest of Azeroth's greatest champions, with[...]
Overwatch 2 Releases New Promo Videos With John Cena Taking Part
Blizzard Entertainment dropped a couple of new videos this week for Overwatch 2, one of them with a special agent at the helm… and his name is John Cena! Cena makes his appearance as the mysterious figure that's been invading Twitch streams as of late, warning people of the incoming threat in the latest season[...]
Diablo IV Server Slam Weekend Has Officially Launched
The development team at Blizzard Entertainment who are working on Diablo IV have revealed the patch notes for the upcoming 1.1.1 Patch coming next month A few of the devs got together for another Campfire Chat about the game, which we have for you down at the bottom, in which they went over some of[...]
Diablo IV Server Slam Weekend Has Officially Launched
There will be another campfire session on July 28th to talk about it more in-depth, but for now we have the notes the team released with the video to talk about the here and now. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment Why We Released Diablo IV Patch 1.1.0 Diablo IV was always meant to be a capped power experience and not[...]
Overwatch 2 Will Be Released On Steam On August 10th
Blizzard Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing Overwatch 2 on Steam, the first time the game will leave for another PC platform The team revealed the news in a new blog posted earlier today, as the Steam version of the game will be released in time for the new campaign mode being[...]