Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Details

Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Details

Blizzard officially kicked off the 2020 Anniversary event for Overwatch today, and with it come details of what it has in store. Pretty much as we had suspected, everything is being opened up for players to collect. Skins from the past four years' worth of events and specialty items are now on the table for […]

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Overwatch's Fourth-Anniversary Will Happen On May 19th

Grab your friends and prepare for a month of leveling up as Blizzard has announced Overwatch's fourth-anniversary event. The devs may be hard at work putting together a sequel to the game, but it doesn't mean they've completely abandoned all plans for the current title as they still have several events to go. The reality […]

Overwatch Sombra Hack

Jeff Kaplan Gives An Overwatch Developer Update From Home

We all may be in self-quarantine, but that didn't stop Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan from giving an Overwatch Developer Update. Recorded at his house with an iPhone taped to a cardboard box, Kaplan sat down and gave us one of his usual straight-to-camera updates about the game, even though he and much of the Blizzard staff are […]

Overwatch Moria Pose

Blizzard Adds A Quality Of Life Patch To Overwatch

While the developers at Blizzard may be working on a sequel, they haven't forgotten people are still playing Overwatch. Because of this, the devs appear to have moved into a new phase of development between the two after the addition of Echo to the roster. The devs released a new quality of life patch into […]

Overwatch League Xfinity

Overwatch League Signs a New Presenting Sponsor Deal With Xfinity

Headed into the weekend, the Overwatch League announced a sort of renewed partnership between themselves and Xfinity. The deal has them as the "Preferred Internet Service Provider" of the League in North America and the presenting sponsor of "Overwatch League Online Play" on the League's English broadcast feed. This is basically an expansion on their […]

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Echo Has Officially Joined The Overwatch Roster Today

After a couple of weeks on the PTO, Blizzard has officially added their latest Overwatch hero Echo to the roster today. On top of that, the developers announced they would be launching a new Competitive Mode known as Competitive Open Queue in the Arcade. The new mode will run for roughly four weeks, and will […]

Jeff Kaplan Doesn't Want To Add Hero Bans To "Overwatch"

Overwatch Announces Changes To Hero Pools & Map Pools

Blizzard revealed this morning that there would be changes coming to both the Hero Pools and Map Pools in Overwatch next week. The basic details are that the Hero Pools will be getting some changes while Map Pools will be retired from both the regular game and competition. On April 13th the devs will be […]

Overwatch League Mouffin Boston Uprising

Overwatch League's Boston Uprising Kicks Mouffin Following Allegations

The Overwatch League's Boston Uprising has officially released Walid "Mouffin" Bassal over the weekend after allegations of sexual misconduct. This story goes back to late March where Twitch streamer KhaleesiBB took to Twitter to post a TwitLonger message about Mouffin. In the post, she alleged that he had a history of soliciting women and sending […]

The Next New "Overwatch" Hero is Echo

The Next New "Overwatch" Hero is Echo

At long last, a new Overwatch hero character has been added to the game. Welcome Echo, who actually made their appearance back when Ashe was originally added to the game. The intelligent AI has been apparently on the back burner ever since then, but now she's got her very own reveal to enjoy. Introducing Echo. […]

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There's a New "Overwatch" Character Potentially On the Way

Overwatch 2 may have been announced already, but it looks like Blizzard has a few more surprises up its sleeve for the original game still. According to a new tweet from the original Twitter account, there might just be a new character coming sooner than we may have thought. The tweet appears to tease a […]

"Overwatch" Has Officially Made Its Archives 2020 System Live

"Overwatch" Has Officially Made Its Archives 2020 System Live

Blizzard has officially launched its Archives 2020 event, bringing a brand new story for you to explore as well as all of the previous events to play. Like previous missions, you have a fun story to work with involving four of the members of the team from a specific point in time. You can check […]

Blizzard's Michael Chu Has Departed The Company

Blizzard's Michael Chu Has Departed The Company

One of Blizzard's longest-running creative minds is now gone as Michael Chu has departed the company this week. Chu posted the news on his blog, letting fans know of the decision as he has moved on. He has had a hand in several Blizzard projects, which primarily include World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Overwatch. […]

"Overwatch" League Moves Canceled China Matches To South Korea

"Overwatch" League Cancels March & April 2020 Events

The Overwatch League has officially canceled their events taking place in March and April 2020, effectively ending six weeks of competition mid-season. Blizzard sent out the information below on their website, letting players and fans know of their decision, effective immediately. There's no word yet as to whether or not those dates will be rescheduled […]

"Overwatch" Season 21 Bans Four Specific Heroes

"Overwatch" Season 21 Bans Four Specific Heroes

Bad news for all you Orisa fans out there. And you can't forget Hanzo, Mei, and Baptiste. Those four heroes will be unavailable for around two weeks going forward as part of Overwatch's Competitive Season 21. It's all a part of Hero Pools, which game designer Scott Mercer introduced in a bid to keep things […]

The Next "Overwatch" Event Is Ashe's Mardi Gras Challenge

The Next "Overwatch" Event Is Ashe's Mardi Gras Challenge

Overwatch is celebrating Marti Gras in style as the next unexpected event kicks off today with Ashe's Mardi Gras Challenge. Much like other single-character challenges, you have two weeks to try and pick up several in-game items by winning games and earning victories. Those include a special skin (as you see below), sprays, icons, and […]

We Played "Overwatch 2" At BlizzCon 2019 & Have Some Thoughts

Are "Diablo" & "Overwatch" Both Getting An Animated Series?

The latest rumor this week that has people buzzing is that it appears Blizzard is working on Diablo and Overwatch animated shows. People have been begging for a regular Overwatch show almost immediately after the game was released because of all the cinematic trailers the company creates. But until now, nothing has come to pass […]

"Overwatch" League Moves Canceled China Matches To South Korea

"Overwatch" League Moves Canceled China Matches To South Korea

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in China, several esports leagues have had to change plans, including the Overwatch League. The league itself took season three around the globe and set up home games in every market with a team. Which is a slight problem for the three teams in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou […]

The New 1.45 Patch Is Now Live On The "Overwatch" PTR

The new 1.45 patch has just be made live by Blizzard on the Overwatch PTR, which contains some of the new controversial changes. The company released full patch notes here, and we have the liner notes to it all for you below. But the shorthand is that this introduces the new Hero Pools system. Along […]

Sigma Officially Added To The "Overwatch" PTR Serv

"Overwatch" Releases A Dev Video For Experimentation & Hero Pools

This week, Blizzard has released a brand new developer diary for Overwatch, featuring game direct Jeff Kaplan as he goes over experimentation and Hero Pools. Kaplan basically goes over the major additions and changes coming to the next Overwatch patch, which will be 1.45 in early February. The biggest topic in the group, which they […]

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The "Overwatch" League Gets New Jersey Kits From Jeff Staple

The Overwatch League is getting a bit of a redesign when it comes to their jerseys as they have received new kits in collaboration with Jeff Staple. According to the information they released today about these new designs, they were created with player feedback for a look and feel that's unique. Both for traditional sports […]