Overwatch's Fourth-Anniversary Will Happen On May 19th

Grab your friends and prepare for a month of leveling up as Blizzard has announced Overwatch's fourth-anniversary event. The devs may be hard at work putting together a sequel to the game, but it doesn't mean they've completely abandoned all plans for the current title as they still have several events to go. The reality is that Blizzard devs have been planning all of the content coming into the game several months in advance, so the anniversary event was never in question. What was in question is what we would see for it, and for the time being it appears Blizzard is keeping that a secret. What we do know is that it will kick off on May 19th, 2020, and run all the way until June 9th, 2020. Of course, no anniversary event would be complete without costumes being added into the mix, and this year is no different.

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Credit: Blizzard

If you head over to the game's official Twitter account, the developers have started posting short videos of some of the costumes they've added to the game for this event. As of right now we know that Ashe and Bob will be getting a Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf Granny costume, Reaper will be getting a special scarlet Masquerade costume, and Zenyatta will be getting probably one of his most detailed outfits to date in the form of Huitzilopochtli. All of these are Legendary skins you can earn in the game's loot box system. We're guessing Blizzard will do an official announcement on Tuesday when the event kicks off, revealing everything you can do for the Overwatch anniversary event, at which point we'll get a better idea of everything they're unlocking for you to do. Hopefully, it's like previous events where they basically take the chains off everything and kick the door open to play every mode and arcade event available for the past four years.

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