Paradox Interactive Acquires Playiron Game Studio

This week, Paradox Interactive announced that they had acquired Playiron Game Studio, the makers of Airlines Manager. The company was founded in 2010 and has been producing mainly mobile titles since its inception. The company will now become the eighth internal studio under the Paradox banner. While Paradox touted their success with their current game, they didn't go into details ao to what exactly they would be doing with Playiorn or what the company would be producing for them moving forward. Obviously, it's going to be something in the mobile market, and if we had to take a wild guess, we wouldn't be entirely shocked if it was a mobile version of an IP they're already working on. We have a couple of quotes for you below from this week's announcement.

Playiron Game Studio have had a lot of success with Airlines Manager on iOS and Android.
Playiron Game Studio have had a lot of success with Airlines Manager on iOS and Android.

"I am incredibly excited to join this amazing and well-established game company, and to bring our expertise and knowledge about mobile games," said Benjamin Cohen, Founder and Studio Manager at Playrion. "As soon as we met Paradox Interactive, I understood that we had very close DNA. For almost five years, Playrion has experienced exponential growth thanks to our very talented team, and without a doubt, we'll be able to push things even further with Paradox Interactive on our side. This is the best opportunity we ever had to improve the experience of our players and to deliver better games."

"Adding Playrion to our roster allows us to continue expanding our business in new areas, and bring more of our IPs to mobile," said Charlotta Nilsson, Chief Operations Officer at Paradox Interactive. "We're always thrilled when we find teams who want to make the kind of games we'd like to make ourselves. Playrion is a natural addition to the Paradox family, and we're delighted to have them joining us."

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