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Stellaris To Release Aquatics Species Pack Next Week
Paradox Interactive revealed that they will be adding the Aquatics Species Pack to Stellaris: Console Edition this coming August The pack has already been a part of the PC edition since late last year, giving players a number of new options from species they normally wouldn't come across on dry land and putting more options[...]
Surviving The Aftermath
Paradox Interactive has revealed Surviving The Aftermath: New Alliances, marking the first major DLC for the post-apocalypse title New Alliances brings in a number of improvements to the game as well as to your society, as they essentially make it appear as if you've started getting the world somewhat back on track instead of looking[...]
Prison Architect Announces Brand New DLC Bringing In Gangs
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven revealed the latest DLC content coming to Prison Architect as Gangs will be added to the mix The new content will add in a piece of prison life they've mostly avoided putting in for a while as you will have the option to join up with a gang for protection[...]
Surviving Mars To Get New Expansion With Martian Express
Paradox Interactive announced there's a new expansion coming to Surviving Mars soon as they want you all to hop aboard the Martian Express This coming Thursday, April 28th, the team will be releasing three new packages of content for the game, with the biggest one being Martian Express ($7), in which you'll be able to[...]
Crusader Kings III: Fate Of Iberia DLC Announced
Paradox Interactive revealed a new DLC expansion is on the way for Crusader Kings 3 which they're calling Fate Of Iberia This DLC brings about an entirely new land to the game as well as a new way to play Specifically, it brings about a new feature called "The Struggle" which simulates multi-stage, large-scale conflicts[...]
The Latest Stellaris Expansion Will Be Released In Mid-May
Paradox Interactive revealed this week that the next expansion for Stellaris called Overlord will be coming to PC next month This new expansion is designed to be for those who wish to rule the galaxy, or at least a small chunk of it that they can manage like an overlord Everything in the content is[...]
Paradox Interactive Releases Prison Architect: Perfect Storm
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven dropped a new update into Prison Architect this week as players can now experience the Perfect Storm This latest update throws a bit of chaos into the mix as players will have to deal with the unpredictability of nature This content introduces calamities, such as lightning storms and other issues[...]
PDXCON Remixed Confirms Vicky 3 Is In The Works
Paradox Interactive has released the latest developer video for Victoria 3 as we get a new monthly update on the game for January This particular video goes into a greater deep dive over the importance of peace and progress in this era of living, as it is almost essential to be on good terms with[...]
Cities: Skylines Announces New Airports Expansion
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new expansion coming to Cities: Skylines this week, as we'll soon be getting airports added Whether you like them or hate them, airports are a vital aspect of any major city, and now you'll get to deal with it to a degree as this content will introduce you to the[...]
Cities: VR Announced To Be Released This Spring
If the name didn't tip you off, this is going to be a VR version of Paradox Interactive's Cities: Skylines, only it won't be some remake thrown into a VR world This will be an entirely new game that will carry the same kind of premise but will have all-new mechanics for you to achieve[...]
PDXCON Remixed Reveals Details For Crusader Kings III: Royal Court
Paradox Interactive has revealed when they will finally be releasing the latest expansion for Crusader Kings III: Royal Court This expansion will basically be giving you new ways to manage and assert yourself within your courts, as you continue to rule on top and refuse to take anything but loyal allegiance as an answer All[...]
Empire Of Sin Releases New Massive "Make It Count" Update
Romero Games and Paradox Interactive have released a new update into Empire Of Sin this week as you'll need to "Make It Count" Technically, the game got two updates with Make It Count being the first and the Precint Update being released alongside it The first one is the first expansion for the game that[...]
Stellaris To Release Aquatics Species Pack Next Week
Paradox Interactive will be releasing a new pack of content for Stellaris next week as players will be getting more Aquatics species This isn't a full-on expansion, just an additional pack you can purchase for $10 to add in new species and a number of other additions to help enhance the game But it's not[...]
Surviving The Aftermath Has Officially Launched Version 1.0
It's been a long road in Early Access, but finally, Paradox Interactive has fully released Surviving The Aftermath with Version 1.0 Everything you love about the game has been refined and cleaned up with new content and fixes We have more info on everything you can expect from this current version of the game for[...]
Stellaris: Console Edition Will Receive The Necroids Species Pack
Paradox Interactive has released some new info for Stellaris: Console Edition as players will be getting the Necroids Species Pack  If you haven't been keeping track of the content so far, this is the last expansion for the game's fourth expansion pack It also happens to be one of the most-requested packs from console players[...]