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Paradox Interactive Acquires Playiron Game Studio

Paradox Interactive Acquires Playiron Game Studio

This week, Paradox Interactive announced that they had acquired Playiron Game Studio, the makers of Airlines Manager The company was founded in 2010 and has been producing mainly mobile titles since its inception The company will now become the eighth internal studio under the Paradox banner While Paradox touted their success with their current game,[...]

New Crusader Kings III Developer Diary Explains More Game Aspects

New Crusader Kings III Developer Diary Explains More Game Aspects

Game developer Paradox Development Studio and publisher Paradox Interactive have created a developer diary for their strategy game set in the Middle Ages, Crusader Kings III In this diary, the developers talk about a fair few topics of discussion, including decisionmaking in the game, how to manage your characters' level of stress, and the audio of[...]

Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"

Surviving The Aftermath Just Got The Tainted Earth Update

Paradox Interactive just released Update 8: Tainted Earth into Surviving The Aftermath with a ton of new additions and changes There are so many changes in this update that there's not really a way to shorthand it You can read the gameplay changes below, and read the full patch notes here But we will tell[...]

Stellaris: Console Edition Is Getting A New Expansion In June

Paradox Interactive has revealed that there will be one more expansion pack on the way for Stellaris: Console Edition's Expansion Pack Two The devs revealed in an announcement, which we have for you below, that they will be releasing the Humanoids Species Pack and Apocalypse Expansion together as one package expansion, which will be released[...]

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Crusader Kings 3 Gets a New Dev Diary About Cultures & Religion

The latest developer diary from Paradox Interactive on Crusader Kings 3 focuses on two key elements to the era with religion and cultures The 30-minute video, which you can check out below, going into the intricacies of how the society you rule will come with so many layers of class and sub-class, you'll have to[...]

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Crusader Kings 3 Will Officially Be Released In September

Paradox Interactive revealed that Crusader Kings 3, the next entry in the strategy series, will be released in early September The game is officially up for pre-order as we speak, and will be released on September 1st, 2020 We had a chance to try the game out prior to the announcement in a special virtual[...]

Prison Architect Island Bound Main Art

Paradox Interactive Reveals Prison Architect: Island Bound

This morning, Paradox Interactive revealed their latest DLC addition to Prison Architect with another DLC called Island Bound When prisoners can't be contained on the mainland, the next best solution is to send them to an island prison This expansion flows smoothly into the already existing content of the game and essentially expands everything with[...]

John Romero's great-grandmother is now a character in Empire of Sin.

Check Out John Romero's Great-Grandma In Empire Of Sin

Just in time for Mother's Day weekend, publisher Paradox Interactive and Romero Games joined forces for a very interesting clip from the upcoming Empire of Sin In the video, Romero Games co-founders John Romero and wife Brenda Romero introduce John's great-grandmother Elvira Duarte as a character in-game.It turns out Duarte would have fit in quite[...]

"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Gets A New Dance Trailer

Fresh off the announcement this week during Xbox's 20/20 livestream, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 gets a new trailer. Giving a gruesome and light-hearted take on the game, the devs invite you to dance along to the horrifying images as you become a vampire in a very different version of Seattle. Once you find […]

Vampire-The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 drops soon on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 Trailer Debuts Footage

The developers, Hardsuit Labs, and Paradox Interactive, look to be having fun with the Vampire powers we will get to use in the game, and everything just feels very sinister Those of us who get our kicks from playing horror games like Vampire: The Masquerade will appreciate that greatly Check out the trailer that was[...]

Prison Architect Cleared For Transfer

Prison Architect Gets A New Expansion Called Cleared For Transfer

Paradox Interactive revealed today that Prison Architect now has a new expansion as your prisoners are now Cleared For Transfer Developer Double Eleven added the update, which is essentially a ton of additional layers of complexity to inmate management This will allow you to micromanage at a level you never thought possible before in the[...]

Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"

Surviving The Aftermath Receives Its Sixth Big Update

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios revealed the sixth big update for Surviving The Aftermath, adding in some new options and challenges to the game The big additions this time around are that you now have better ways to defend your colony if you're under attack, you have a series of specialists who can reach out[...]

Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"

"Surviving The Aftermath" Update 4 Adds Leaders & More

Paradox Interactive has added a fourth update to Surviving The Aftermath, bringing in a few key additions to add more to the game First up, leaders have been added to society to give the people someone to look up to and guide them Next, the tech tree has been given an overhaul Finally, the visuals[...]

Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"

"Surviving The Aftermath" Receives Third Update "Expeditions"

Paradox Interactive has added the third update to Surviving The Aftermath, bringing in a slew of new updates to your nuclear survival plans Two new buildings have been added to the mix with the Garage and the Refinery for you to build Vehicles can now be found on the map for you to get around[...]

"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020

Paradox Interactive Gives A "Bloodlines 2" PDXCON Update

Following PDXCON, Paradox Interactive gave us a bit of an update in the form of a video and a dev diary for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 The text comes from Andy Kipling from Hardsuit Labs, one of the developers We have a small snippet of the diary here, and you can read the[...]

"Cities: Skylines" Receives A New DLC Pack With "Modern City Center"

Paradox Interactive has introduced a new DLC pack into Cities: Skylines, as you can now download the Modern City Center set The set basically add 39 unique models from modder Jason “AmiPolizeiFunk” Ditmars, which feature new modern commercial wall-to-wall buildings While the radio addition gives you 16 original songs from DJ Troy Anderson, which are "centered[...]

"Stellaris" Announces Two New Expansions At PDXCON 2019

"Stellaris" Announces Two New Expansions At PDXCON 2019

During PDXCON 2019, Paradox Interactive revealed that Stellaris would be getting two new expansions, each with their own unique content The first of the bunch is Federations, which will bring in a new way of building up your empire by starting from your origins, exploring space, and forming a union with other species for a[...]

"Prison Architect – Psych Ward: Wardens Edition" Revealed At PDXCON

Ever since Paradox Interactive took over the rights to Prison Architect, we've been curious as to what they had planned for the game During PDXCON, we finally got to see some fruits of their labor as they introduced us to Psych Ward: Wardens Edition This is an expansion onto the game that will allow you[...]

"Age Of Wonders: Planetfall" Is Getting A "Revelations" Expansion

"Age Of Wonders: Planetfall" Is Getting A "Revelations" Expansion

Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios announced today during PDXCON that Age Of Wonders: Planetfall would be getting its first-ever expansion The expansion is called Revelations, which will bring about the return of the entombed Es’Teq dynasty, whose Heritor descendents aim to use ancient technology and reincarnate billions of followers across the galaxy, establishing a divine rule[...]

Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"

"Surviving The Aftermath" Launched Into Early Access

We got a couple quotes from the developers after the game was announced at PDXCON today for you here, as well as the launch trailer for this version.[caption id="attachment_1099082" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Paradox Interactive[/caption] “Throughout Surviving Mars’ development we learned the importance of listening to our community and their feedback helped elevate that game to new heights,”[...]