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Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive has released a new video for the upcoming game Cities: Skylines II, in which they show how they used AI on the game's traffic Normally, we're not fans of writing stories about AI, as we're pretty sure it's going to take away all of our livelihoods in 10 years and possibly our lives[...]
Star Trek: Infinite Trailer Debuts During Picard Day
Paradox Interactive officially revealed their first main trailer for Star Trek: Infinite today, showing off what it will look like as part of Picard Day Developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment the game will take place in the TNG timeline with familiar characters and settings, paired with emergent gameplay and complex choices; you will be making[...]
Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens Receives Its Release Date
Paradox Interactive finally has a release date for Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens, as you'll be seeing the new content later this August The new content will basically force you to juggle two major roles at once as you will have to manage your kingdom as a mighty ruler while also shouldering the burden[...]
Age Of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn Receives Release Date & New Trailer
Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios released a new trailer this morning for Age Of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn, confirming the pack's official release date This latest content pack will bring in a number of new features, including several gameplay enhancements, a new leader type to try out, additional Tomes of Magic at your fingertips, and[...]
Cities: Skylines Announced For Next-Gen Consoles
Paradox Interactive revealed everything they're going to load into Cities: Skylines – Remastered when the game comes out for consoles The team has revealed that they are releasing several expansion packs into the game, giving you a bevy of cotent to build your city from The complete list includes the Plazas & Promenades Bundle, Plazas[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Stellaris: Galactic Paragons
Paradox Interactive took time this past week to reveal the next Stellaris expansion on the way as we have new details on Galactic Paragons This new addition to the game will give you a few new avenues for character and story progression, as you'll be able to take your leaders to the next level in[...]
Cities: Skylines Reveals Final Expansion & Content Creator Packs
Paradox Interactive has revealed what will be the last pieces of content to come to Cities: Skylines with the last expansion and new content creator packs First off, players will be getting into Hotels & Retreats, which will bring about options for the people visiting your city to shack up temporarily, from the mundane to[...]
Victoria 3’s First Immersion Pack Releases On May 22nd
Paradox Interactive has revealed a new DLC coming to Victoria 3, as they are releasing the first immersion pack called Voice Of The People This will be a completely huge addition to the game that will bring about a number of additions that bring history to the game Essentially focusing on all of the things[...]
The Lamplighters League
Paradox Interactive and developer Harebrained Schemes revealed all of the agents you'll be able to work with in their new game, The Lamplighters League The game will give you a chance to use ten different Agents, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics that will give you several options to put a team together[...]
Crusader Kings III: Royal Court Announced For Console Version
Paradox Interactive revealed a new addition coming this May to the PC version of Crusader Kings III, as players will be getting Tours and Tournaments This is a major DLC expansion for the game specific to PC players that will add new content to the game in a major way, from grand tournaments, tours, and[...]
Crusader Kings III Reveals New Royal Court Expansion For Console
Paradox Interactive revealed a new addition coming to the console version of Crusader Kings III, as players will soon head to Royal Court If the name didn't already tip you off, the expansion will bring the royal court system to the game, as you will hold a new throne room and a royal court in[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals New Details & Trailer For Life By You
Paradox Interactive dropped an all-new trailer for their upcoming game Life By You today, along with new details about the game and its release If you haven't seen this one yet, the game is basically a life simulation game in which you will live life to the fullest and level up your own personal character[...]
Cities: Skylines Reveals Multiple Releases In 2023 Roadmap
Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order have revealed the 2023 roadmap for Cities: Skylines, as there is a ton of content on the way The team is adding three new locations around the globe as part of their World Tour: Part 2 expansion set, giving you new Content Creator Packs from Africa, as well as[...]
Victoria 3 Releases Melodies For The Masses Update
Paradox Interactive announced a brand new update has been released for Victoria 3 today, as you can experience Melodies For The Masses This isn't so much of a content update, per se, this is more musical The update is basically an album's worth of music, which has been turned into a special music pack inspired[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Three New Games & Several Updates
Paradox Interactive revealed a ton of new content on the way, as they have three new titles announced, as well as more expansions and DLC The big three reveals this week were Cities: Skylines 2, The Lamplighters League, and Life By You The latter two are brand-new IPs currently in the works, while the first[...]
The Latest Stellaris Expansion Will Be Released In Mid-May
Paradox Interactive confirmed that Stellaris: Console Edition will finally get the Overlord expansion as it drops on March 8th The content has already been on PC for a hot minute, but now console players will be able to enjoy everything from this expansion on March 8th, including new mechanics, new galaxies, new music, and more[...]
Cities: Skylines Announced For Next-Gen Consoles
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced that Cities: Skylines Remastered will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S The game will officially launch on February 15th, and with it comes a vast array of improvements on the original title that next-gen consoles can stage advantage of This version has been optimized in several[...]
Prison Architect Receives New Environment Pack
Paradox Interactive revealed two new additions coming to Prison Architect as it's getting a free DLC and a paid Jungle Pack DLC The Jungle Pack is the latest paid DLC that is basically an aesthetic pack for the simulator, as you'll be given a lush tropical forest to work with for your setting You'll have[...]
Age Of Wonders 4 Confirmed For May 2023 Release
Paradox Interactive confirmed that they will be releasing the anticipated sequel Age Of Wonders 4 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this May Much as it has been in previous entries, developer Triumph Studios will give you a chance to build your own fantasy realms with a combination of Ruler and Empire customizations[...]
Stellaris Reveals What's Coming In The First Contact Story Pack
Paradox Interactive has released new details regarding the next expansion for Stellaris, as players will soon experience First Contact Akin to what many sci-fi fans know from the Star Trek series, this content will have you experiencing events and mechanics for meeting pre-FTL civilizations You will be among the first to arrive and let them[...]
Cities: Skylines - Financial Districts Launches On PC & Consoles
Paradox Interactive has launched a new expansion for Cities: Skylines, as you can play Financial Districts for both PC and console editions As if you couldn't have guessed by the name, this is an investment-focused expansion that will have you bringing up financial institutions throughout your city and making it a bigger area for businesses[...]
Victoria 3 Scores 500K+ Sales In Under One Month
Paradox Interactive announced this morning that Victoria 3 has already broken some milestones, including selling over half a million units in under a month To celebrate picking up a nomination at The Game Awards, which will be happening next week, the team decided to flex how well the game has been doing with some stats[...]
Paradox Interactive Announces New Survival Title Surviving The Abyss
Paradox Interactive has revealed their latest survival title on the way as the team goes aquatic with Surviving The Abyss Much like their previous games where you attempt to make it through the apocalypse and life on Mars, this game will have you set up a base under the sea in an attempt to colonize[...]
Prison Architect Unveils The Future Tech Pack
Paradox Interactive has revealed the next update to Prison Architect, as you'll soon be getting some technical upgrades for the prisons The company revealed the new Future Tech Pack, which will be adding a number of futuristic features that make your prison look like a prison from every dystopian TV show and film you've ever[...]
Cities: Skylines Will Be Getting Ten World Tour Content Packs
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have revealed ten new content packs coming to Cities: Skylines as they are going on a World Tour This will essentially be a series of updates and releases for the game, some free and some paid DLC, which will add different regions from around the globe as options to make[...]
Surviving The Aftermath: Shattered Hope Will Launch In November
Paradox Interactive announced this week that Surviving The Aftermath: Shattered Hope will officially launch in the game this November One of the somewhat talked about but rarely ever seen aspects of the apocalypse is that the moon was partially destroyed Now you'll start to feel some of the effects of that terrible decision as you[...]
Prison Architect To Receieve New Undead Expansion On PC & Consoles
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new expansion coming to Prison Architect next week as the undead are taking over Literally called "Undead," this expansion will add in zombies and other horrors, just in time for Halloween, as you will have to fend off this new threat in a weird system where guards and prisoners alike[...]
Paradox Arc & Kodo Linija Will Release Stardeus On PC Next Month
Paradox Interactive's smaller studio Paradox Arc, along with developer Kodo Linija are set to release Stardeus for PC this October This is an interesting sci-fi title that blends base-building and colony sim genres together to make an interesting storyline You will be playing yourself in the future, so to speak, as you have died and[...]
Stellaris: Toxoids Will Officially Launch Next Week
Paradox Interactive has released new details to the next expansion coming to Stellaris as we get a better idea of what's in Toxoids As you may have guessed from the name and the lovely artwork here, you're getting a specific set of species that will add a ton of new options to your empire and[...]
Prison Architect Announces New "Free For Life" Update
Paradox Interactive revealed a new free expansion coming to Prison Architect, which they will be calling Free For Life This will actually be the first of a series of updates coming to the game which will greatly improve and add more content to the game that you never thought possible This particular update focuses on[...]