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Paradox Interactive Announces PDXCON Remixed For May 2021
During the Paradox Insider event yesterday, Paradox Interactive revealed a new event on the way with PDXCON Remixed With the world still dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the company is realizing they're probably not going to have a physical event in 2021, so they've decided to just go ahead with an all-digital event set[...]
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Paradox Interactive had a lot to talk about with the game as it has officially surpassed five million players, and has gone back under the development of the Abstraction Games team With these reveals came two announcements, the first being that there is a free Tourism Update on the way that will be added on[...]
Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords Gets A New Trailer Before Release
Before Paradox Interactive releases Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords, the company revealed a new trailer during Paradox Insider This content is essentially a flavor pack for the game and serves as the first paid DLC content The pack brings with it new Norse-themed features, including new adventurer realms, immersive character art to enjoy, new music[...]
Stellaris Receives Multiple Updates During Paradox Insider Stream
During the Paradox Insider event today, the crew at Paradox Interactive revealed multiple announcements revolving around Stellaris First and foremost, the big news was that the latest expansion for the game simply called Nemesis will officially go live on April 15th, 2021 The new content will give fans some of the most powerful tools ever[...]
"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020
For those who aren't aware, last week Paradox Interactive announced that they had pushed the game back again, this time indefinitely as they took Hardsuit off the project This came after firing some of the developers back in 2020 and what had apparently been a string of issues getting the game on track There's a[...]
"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020
Courtesy of Paradox Interactive. As you have noticed, we've been keeping pretty quiet for a while With this in mind, the first piece of news we have for you is to confirm that Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is still in development Secondly, we have made the hard decision that Hardsuit Labs will no longer[...]
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Paradox Interactive has just added a new feature to Crusader Kings 2, as the game now has a subscription service for content According to the Steam page for the service, the company is offering what is essentially expansion content for the game at a rate of $5 a month (Technically 30 days for those of[...]
Stellaris Announces Latest Full Featured Expansion "Nemesis"
Paradox Interactive revealed this week that Stellaris will be getting a brand new expansion by the name of Nemesis On the surface, it feels like a regular update for the game, but there's a little more going on here beyond what's in text This addition to the game will apparently grant fans the most powerful[...]
Stellaris: Console Edition Receives The MegaCorp DLC
Courtesy of Paradox Interactive. Corporate Culture: Conduct business on a galaxy-wide scale with a host of new civics By constructing Branch Offices on planets within empires you have trade agreements with, add a portion of the planet's Trade Value to your network Using the new Corporate Authority government type, build a financial powerhouse and dominate galactic trade. City[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals New Prison Architect DLC: Going Green
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new DLC pack coming to Prison Architect with the addition of Going Green You may not be aware, but some prisons use their prisoners to do all sorts of labor, some as a service to the city it's in and others for rehabilitation efforts or to help them find a[...]
New Crusader Kings III Developer Diary Explains More Game Aspects
Paradox Interactive has dropped a new free update into Crusader Kings 3 this week, giving you a chance to explore the Ruler Designer features The update comes as part of the 1.2 Patch that brings in a number of fixes and adjustments to the game to help eliminate bugs and help it run a bit[...]
Paradox Interactive Announce "Surviving The Aftermath"
Paradox Interactive revealed this week that they've officially moved Surviving The Aftermath into Steam's Early Access system The move comes with a brand new update for the game, #11 to be precise, which adds in a bunch of new content This includes new quests that allow players to send their specialists out into the post-apocalypse[...]
Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Reveals Latest Expansion "Star Kings"
Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios revealed the next expansion for Age Of Wonders: Planetfall will be Star Kings This next expansion introduces the Oathbound, which is a faction of noble warriors who "pilot these mechs into battle with a mission to save all of mankind" According to the devs, the Oathbound will also receive a[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Prison Architect 5th Anniversary Plans
Paradox Interactive Revealed last week their plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Prison Architect, which has a few surprises The company has been working hard to make the game awesome over the years with several DLC packs and a ton of free content that basically has made it one of the top simulator games[...]
"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020
Paradox Interactive has apparently fired two of the developers behind Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, according to their own statement In a rare move, the company put out their own statement today, which we have for you below, announcing they had fired Lead Narrative Designer Brian Mitsoda and Creative Director Ka'ai Cluney While at[...]