Paradox Interactive Launches New Deckbuilding RPG Across The Obelisk

Paradox Interactive has finally launched their deckbuilding RPG title Across The Obelisk after almost a year and a half in Early Access. Developed by Dreamsite Games, this is the first title published through Paradox Arc, which is an initiative by the company to create and publish "highly replayable games" from smaller developers to be published on a global level. While more games are in the works (and will probably be announced wither at Gamescom 2022 or PDXCON 2022), this is the one they're launching starting today. You can get the game today on all PC platforms for $15, or if you've played it already in Early Access, just update the game. Best of luck to you in this brand-new title.

Paradox Interactive Launches New Deckbuilding RPG Across The Obelisk
Credit: Paradox Interactive

You can play solo or with up to three other players. Each one of you will control a hero in combat but all of you will have to work together and decide what's best for the group… will you help the farmers against a group of small fiery demons or will you search among the ashes for nice loot? Choose among 12 unlockable characters and form your party. Each one of them have his own cards, items, mechanics, stats and strengths… it's not the same to play with a fire wizard than a shadow mage, would you play with two healers or rather play with a damage oriented group?

More than 500 upgradeable cards and 200 items to choose, will let you customize your heroes with different builds: poisons, bleeds, defensive skills… there are a lot of combinations that you can apply to each hero. Each game will be different. Take a path, fight your way through it, complete quests and the world will evolve in front of you. Lots of hidden places and mysteries to be solved await you in Across The Obelisk.

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