Physical Copies Of Cyberpunk 2077 Have Leaked Into Stores

You know, when you see a leak of a game like Cyberpunk 2077, you expect it to be hacked. You don't expect a physical copy. But that's exactly what happened this weekend and people are freaking out about it in more ways than one. After having the game's release date pushed back more than once, fans have understandably become frustrated with CD Projekt Red. So any glimmer of hope of getting it ahead of time is pretty much the only thing people want at the moment.

"Hey, what's this doing here? It's not out for another three weeks... we hope." Courtesy of CD Projekt Red.
"Hey, what's this doing here? It's not out for another three weeks… we hope." Courtesy of CD Projekt Red.

That pipe dream became a reality for some people out in the world. The Reddit post you see below was loaded to the game's official thread, showing that a retail store has put a physical copy of Cyberpunk 2077 on the shelves for the PS4. The photo, at first thought to be fake because it promoted two disks and didn't have Keanu Reeves on the cover, was later confirmed to be authentic. However, the poster failed to disclose where they got the copy of the game from, leaving diehard fans no choice but to go search and see if anyone else made the mistake of stocking it on the shelves.

We're almost there boys. I actually had the game in my hands. from r/cyberpunkgame

In the short amount of time since this happened, DualShockers confirmed that CD Projekt Red is not happy with the situation and they are now determined to "take legal action against anyone breaking embargo/street date." So if you ever needed confirmation that this copy is the real deal, you just got it. We'll see how long that lasts because as we all know, some people just can't help themselves. If we were betting people, we'd put down good money that we get a walkthrough video by week's end.

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