PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Announce Bonus XP Events

In case you're looking for some extra XP in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, fear not, the folks at PUBG Corp. have announced a few new events to get you there. The company took to Steam to let people know of the impending changes and events that will be taking place over the next couple weeks. You can check out the primary details below.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Announce Bonus XP Events
credit//PUBG Corps.
Bonus XP Event 1:

Simply log into the game between 7/13 and 7/15 and you will be given a one-time bonus of 400XP.
Duration: 7/13 5pm ~ 7/15 5pm PDT | 7/14 02:00 ~ 7/16 02:00 CEST | 7/14 09:00 ~ 7/16 09:00 KST

Bonus XP Event 2:

We are also providing a daily login bonus of 200XP on 7/15 through 7/20 (7/16 through 7/21 for CEST and KST). Simply login each day to receive your bonus!  Login bonus days reset at 5pm PDT | 2am CEST| 9am KST.

Event Info:

1. Bonus XP will appear as a pop-up once you log into the game.
2. Bonus XP Event 1 is a one-time reward for a total of 400XP.
3. Bonus XP Event 2 can be redeemed once per day, for a total of 1200XP.
4. If you have any trouble receiving these bonus rewards, please contact customer service.

Lastly, the period for Event Pass: Sanhok is almost over, so we wanted to clarify the final days of the schedule.

Event Pass: Sanhok Ending Schedule

Sale of the Premium Event Pass will end on 7/19 7pm PDT | 7/20 04:00 CEST | 7/20 11:00 KST
Sale of the 5 Level Booster item will end on 7/21 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 KST
The Event Pass: Sanhok Season will end on 7/21 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 KST
Reward Settlement: 7/21 5pm ~ 7/28 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 ~ 7/29 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 ~ 7/29 09:00 KST

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