Preon Studio Announce Interplanetary Tycoon Game Solar Baron

Preon Studio revealed a brand new game today as they will be bringing you an interplanetary tycoon game called Solar Baron. The game is pretty simple to explain if the artwork didn't do it for you. After using up all the natural resources we have on our planet, its time to go raid something else in the galaxy for everything it has. The game has you building rockets to shoot into space to land on other planets and mine them for their resources, take their resources, and bring them back home for us to use and continue to pollution cycle. Because this is a business and we never learn from previous mistakes. The game will be coming to Steam's Early Access program sometime in Q3 2020. In the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer and screenshots.

Preon Studio Announce Interplanetary Tycoon Game Solar Baron
Credit: Preon Studio

Solar Baron combines the satisfaction of growing your company from nothing with the gratification of designing spacecraft and watching them perform real-world orbital maneuvers using realistically simulated orbital mechanics. With a range of available engines, fuel types, and components to choose from, players must tailor spacecraft to the needs of their missions. Players can extend their reach by constructing orbital spaceports and surface bases at strategic locations. Using a streamlined mission design system, players create tasks for spacecraft to perform while the game's intuitive system works out the mission details automatically. This gives players time for more important things such as deciding their overall strategy, goals, future missions, and – of course – watching the bottom line.

  • Explore and exploit a life-sized, procedurally generated solar system.
  • Create missions that use real-world orbital maneuvers with realistically simulated orbital mechanics.
  • Harvest precious metals and rare elements from a range of different planets and moons.
  • Design and construct spacecraft to carry out a variety of tasks.
  • Build a vast network of customized orbital spaceports and surface bases across the solar system to maximize profit.
  • Research new technologies to stay ahead.

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