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Pry Into The Void Receives All-New Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming game Pry Into The Void, as Dangen Entertainment shows off more of the gameplay

Indie developer Ernest Placido and publisher Dangen Entertainment have released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Pry Into The Void. We haven't seen a lot from this dark and enthralling monster-taming RPG, as the team has kept a lot of what it's about close to the chest. The game has been designed so that it challenges players to "explore the depths of both their own morality and the game's intricate world." The new trailer gives us a better idea as to what that actually means as they show off how the game will run and some of the choices you'll make along the way. Enjoy the trailer below as the game is probably coming out in 2024.

Pry Into The Void
Credit: Dangen Entertainment

"In Pry Into The Void, players assume the role of Josef, a young man thrown into the depths of the Void with a mission to vanquish the vile entity that siphons the world of its life force. Armed with the unique ability to peer into the hearts of monsters, Josef must gather a team of allies to aid him on this perilous descent into darkness. Pry Into The Void's gameplay invites players to embark on a bleak, extraordinary journey where they must pry into the hearts of monsters and people alike. By engaging in soulful conversations, players must navigate a series of challenging moral dilemmas, exploit weaknesses in turn-based combat, and recruit monsters as allies."

"The newly unveiled trailer introduces players to the enigmatic character, Waltiere, a loyal servant who has stood by the side of Josef's powerful and esteemed grandfather. With unwavering dedication, Waltiere extends his servitude to Josef, beckoning him to become the savior of a world on the brink of demise. As Josef, players are confronted with a profound choice: will they accept Waltiere's assistance and ascend to supremacy, guiding humanity toward a brighter future, or will they falter under the weight of hardship and responsibility?"

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