PUBG Receives The 8.1 Update With A Loot Truck

PUBG Corp. has released the 8.1 update into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and with it comes a few interesting items. First off, the Sanhok remaster they've been talking about has come to fruition, adding a bunch of changes to how the landscape will look, but for the most part, it looks pretty awesome. Meanwhile, they've added a new armored vehicle called the Loot Truck, which looks like something from the 2004 version of Dawn Of The Dead. You can read the full patch notes here, but we have some of the highlights here along with a couple of videos from the devs.

A look at the Loot Truck, courtesy of PUBG Corp.
A look at the Loot Truck, courtesy of PUBG Corp.

Sanhok Remaster – Return to Sanhok

The main feature of update 8.1 is of course Sanhok, which has been reworked from the ground up to look better, perform better, and offer more balanced gameplay. We wanted Sanhok to feel more like a forgotten, overgrown paradise while addressing some of the most glaring balance issues we've seen over the last couple of years. We're happy with what we've created and hope you are as well. Read on below for some snippets on what we've changed in some of the island's more prominent areas.

New PUBG Feature: Loot Truck

The Loot Truck is a brand new feature that gives players an additional, albeit risky, way to gear up. Trucks spawn in one of several garages around the island and drive along roads, enticing players to attack them. As these trucks take damage, they'll drop some loot and continue on their way. Players persistent enough to destroy the truck will be rewarded with an even bigger cache of weapons and gear for you and your squad. Be careful when attacking these rolling behemoths, though- they can take a lot of damage and doing so will certainly draw some attention. Loot trucks are only spawned in normal matches during 8.1 update!

  • Up to four Loot trucks are spawned at the start of the match.
  • Each truck is spawned separately inside of one the special garages scattered around the map.
  • When a truck is destroyed, new truck will be spawned from the garage.
  • Total number of 8 loot trucks can be spawned in a single match.

Heavy Armour

  • Loot truck can be damaged and destroyed with weapons/throwables
  • However, the loot truck takes decreased damage due to its heavy armour.
  • As loot truck receives damage, it will start to drop lootable small or large containers.
    • Dropped containers can be looted.
  • When the truck's durability hits 0%, the truck will explode and give excess to large amount of best loot including possible exclusive weapon loot.
    • Exclusive weapons are weapons with a pre-applied skin with a unique name.

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