Pull Rate Quest: Opening Pokémon TCG: Chilling Reign Packs Part 7

Too often, Pokémon TCG influencers will rush to make a sweeping statement about a new set's pull rates. Battle Styles, for instance, is said to have a terrible pull rate. Personally, I've had rough boxes of Battle Styles, but I've also had multiple boxes with two Full Arts, a Secret Rare, and a total of fourteen white codes. It seems to be very much a crapshoot. In the interest of dispelling the idea that we can establish pull rates so early in a set's existence, I'm here to kick off Pull Rate Quest, a new series at Bleeding Cool where I open Pokémon TCG sets to show that you win some… and you lose some. I love the idea that openings like this can help show people what to expect in a set, but remember… a lot of it comes down to the luck of the draw. Let's open another booster box of Chilling Reign and see what we can get in this installment of Pull Rate Quest.

Chilling Reign booster box pulls. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Chilling Reign booster box pulls. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Now, as I predicted based on the way the conversation about Battle Styles happened, we're beginning to see influencers putting out the idea that Chilling Reign has bad pulls. This series is about and will continue to be about not proving the opposite, but instead proving that we pretty much can't, as individual customers and collectors, determine that based on what we open. For example, I've now opened six booster boxes. One from the Pokémon TCG for review, a few for this series, and another just for fun. Six is a lot — it's more than I normally do for a series. I can tell you, after this sixth one, that boxes are varying wildly.

I'll summarize. At this point, of the six I've opened, I've had three boxes that I'd consider great, two good, and one below average. To me, a good box will include twelve white code cards (which signify a pull of holo or better in the rare slot) at the minimum and either two Full Arts or a Full Art and a Secret Rare. With this box, and three others, I've gotten between fifteen and seventeen white codes and was rewarded two Full Arts and a Secret Rare. One even had two Secret Rares.

Then, on the other hand, I had a box that I opened for this series which ended up yielding one of my favorite cards in the set (the Full Art Celebi) but had mostly holos in the white code slots. It's technically a below-average box, even though I was happy with what I got. I've watched enough other box openings of this latest Pokémon TCG set for this series that I can confirm seeing others get bad boxes as well. It happens, and it's a bummer, but don't let it take the excitement for a set away from you. Whether you're someone who goes after booster boxes or individual packs, Chilling Reign does not seem to have bad pull rates. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.


  • Blaziken V Full Art
  • Slowking V Alternate Art Full Art
  • Slowking VMAX Rainbow Rare (Secret)

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