Quake Champions Introduces a New Champion and Mode

This week, Bethesda Softworks introduced a brand new champion into Quake Champions with Athena, as well as a new mode called Slipgate. We have the finer details for you below, along with a couple of special videos the company cooked up to show you what's up, but they look like fine additions to make the game even more hectic than it already is, especially with that zipline from Athena.

Quake Champions Introduces a New Champion and Mode
credit//Bethesda Softworks

SLIPGATE  Slipgate is an attack-and-defend mode where both teams fight over the Slipgate portal: a massive wormhole capable of summoning an ancient unnamed horror. Each-and-every sharpshooter spawns with all weapons, full health, full armor but a single, precious, precious life. The defending team of Elder God cultists are trying to open the Slipgate, while the attacking team must close the gate before whatever tentacled terror on the other side pulls itself into our dimension!

SLIPGATE FESTIVAL – All players taking part from day one will immediately receive the Tentacle Weapon Shaders for all starting weapons! Subsequent festival milestones will result in the Quake 4Heavy Machine Gun skin being gifted to all participants, the unlocking of the Ranger or Scalebearer Lore Skin and, ultimately, Athena – or her Lore Skin if the Champion is already owned as part of the Champions Pack

Athena was among the first to sign up to the GDF and seek vengeance against the Strogg who devastated Earth. Caught in a trap laid for the expeditionary forces, she escaped when a Slipgate generator collapsed, teleporting her drop pod into the Dreamland arenas. Now she uses her grapple line throws and aerial acrobatics to dominate the airspace above her enemies and rain death from above

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