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An Enhanced Version of Quake Has Been Released From QuakeCon
During QuakeCon At Home 2021, Bethesda Softworks dropped a pretty cool announcement as an enhanced version of Quake is available right now Back in June, the franchise celebrated its 25th Anniversary, but we didn't see much come to light for it and were a bit curious if Bethesda and now new owners Xbox Game Studios[...]
Bethesda Softworks Reveals Details To 2020–2021 Quake Pro League
This morning, PLG Esports along with Bethesda Softworks revealed details for the 2020-2021 season for the Quake Pro League There hasn't been a ton of talk about the League since April, which goes in line with a lot of esports issues as COVID-19 messed up pretty much anything in the works They managed to finish[...]
Someone Made The Arcade Version Of Quake Playable On PC
One of the weird tidbits to the history of Quake is that there once was an arcade version of the game back in the late '90s The official name of it was Quake Arcade Tournament, which was developed by Lazer-Tron using the game's format from id Software As you might suspect, it didn't quite play[...]
(ABC/Mitch Haaseth) CHLOE BENNET A rumor that was causing social media was that Chloe Bennet's Quake would be making her way to Disney+ once S.H.I.E.L.D wraps for a solo series Bennet took to Twitter earlier this week to shoot down the talk (see below), but that doesn't mean she's not more than a little interested[...]
FACEIT Will Host The First Official "Quake" Pro League
FACEIT announced earlier today that they will be running the first official Quake Pro League in partnership with Bethesda Softworks The new league will kick off at QuakeCon 2019 and run all the way until the same event in 2020 Competitions and ket events will take place at some of the bigger tournament conventions across[...]
Bethesda Softworks Announces Tickets for QuakeCon 2019
Bethesda Softworks revealed that registration will open up this month for QuakeCon 2019, along with this year's theme which will be "Year Of Doom" The entire event is being centered around the 25th anniversary of DOOM, and we're sure we'll see a lot more of DOOM Eternal pop up as part of the festivities in[...]
Romero Games and Paradox Partnering for a New Strategy IP
Brenda Romero and John Romero, known for their successful work with Doom, Quake, Jagged Alliance, and Wizardry 8 are bringing their decades of development expertise to the partnership while Paradox Interactive is bringing their strategy expertise from games like Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings II, and Stellaris. That said, we know very little about the game or the IP[...]
Quake Champions Next Updates Bring in a Bigger Tier Battle Pass
Bethesda Softworks sent out a notice about the next big update coming to Quake Champions, which includes new additions and a change in earning gear The developers will be doing away with the current system of earning gear and change to a new free system and changes on how you earn with leveling-up, which will get you[...]
Hasbro Marvel Rising Line 42
Marvel), Daisy Johnson (Quake), and America Chavez all getting multiple dolls Gwen Stacy (Ghost Spider, these days at least), Patriot, and Squirrel Girl are only available in the deluxe versions Inferno is only available as a basic. The packaging is basically the same for each line Both have giant, clear window box packaging so each hero[...]
Quake Champions Introduces a New Champion and Mode
This week, Bethesda Softworks introduced a brand new champion into Quake Champions with Athena, as well as a new mode called Slipgate We have the finer details for you below, along with a couple of special videos the company cooked up to show you what's up, but they look like fine additions to make the[...]
Marvel Rising Gets a Toy Line From Hasbro
Marvel , Squirrel Girl,  Spider-Gwen (Ghost-Spider now), Daisy Johnson (Quake), and America Chavez are the main focal points here, with Inferno and Patriot also tagging along All of these dolls and role-play items will be available at target and Disney Stores, and also on the Hasbro Toy Shop Check out all of the pics and[...]
Funko Pez Mickey Collage
Quake and Quisp will be a Funko Shop exclusive set. Finally, the coolest of the bunch is a Pez dispenser of Bob Ross. All of the Pop Pez will be available in September and October. Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week It can be a lot to keep up[...]
quake champions
During their QukeCon presentation, Bethesda announced that Quake Champions is going free-to-play permanently. credit//Bethesda There isn't a lot out there quite like Quake Champions Competitive first-person shooters right now have a certain groove and vibe across the board, and while things like time to kill and structure change wildly from game to game, there isn't a lot out[...]