RockGame Announces New Strategy Simulator Pirate Commander

Indie developer RockGame announced a new game this week as they will be releasing a strategy simulator called Pirate Commander. Along with PlayWay, the game will basically have you managing a pirate ship the way you would manage a city or a theme park in other simulators. You'll tell the crew what to do and where to sail, when they encounter danger you'll give commands on how to defend, and even control every little nuance of how their actions are guided by each individual. It's an interesting concept which we look forward to seeing how it shakes out when you're actually in the middle of a battle. No word yet on a release date beyond the news it will be out on Steam. For now, enjoy the trailer!

Will you lead your men to bounty or burial at sea? Courtesy of RockGame.
Will you lead your men to bounty or burial at sea? Courtesy of RockGame.

Pirate Commander is survival sandbox game. You will manage the entire ship. You will have to take care of the crew and their physical and mental health, food, drinking water, medicine, weapons and ammunition. Use ports to upgrade and expand your gallery and equip yourself with better and better ship equipment. Our crew will have to prepare weapons, load cannons, set up masts, fight fires, take care of supplies, maintain mental health through diet, sleep and entertainment, and of course fight. In addition, the game has a manual cannon aiming system, thanks to which the fights are very satisfying and dynamic. Recruit crewmen among natives, defeated enemies and dock sailors.Explore an open world full of marine mysteries and exotic islands. Ship steering in a sectional view, in which we have an influence on every room and galley element and every crew member. In this view, we issue orders during and prepare for battles.

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