Sensorium Galaxy Brings A Second Metaverse To VR & Beyond

Most folks don't know about the Sensorium Galaxy, the fusion of cryptocurrency, and VR immersion. In the most general sense, it offers a litany of simulations backed by high-production, futuristic branding, and being trippy AF. It's new, marketed to those who want to celebrate how technology can celebrate the senses, and it's ambitious. A lot of folks who hear it described might think of Tripp meeting VRChat on steroids. Except VRChat doesn't get the backing of billionaires, or folks like David Guetta, Black Coffee, or Jay Z. Instead, the Sensorium Corporation seeks to connect new tribes to virtual landscapes and set itself apart as something new. So, while VR Chat offers rooms, Sensorium Galaxy offers metaverses, and its makers have been kind enough to offer Bleeding Cool an exclusive lead on what's next.

Image courtesy of Sensorium Corporation
Image courtesy of Sensorium Corporation

Jumping off from PRISM (Sensorium's first world where attendees can join festivals, featuring minigames or concerts showcasing artists like Armin van Buuren or David Guetta) MOTION is set to release in Q2 of 2021. MOTION is branded as a Sensorium's underwater metaverse emphasizing a mindful way to explore. A tool to chill out and process. Just like good raves in reality have zones for relaxing and recollecting, MOTION is due to bring that serenity to Sensorium Galaxy.  If you're curious, check out the video below:

There are a few things setting Sensorium apart from previous social simulations connecting real people like IMVU, VRChat, or Second Life.  Sensorium introduces a purchasing model using a crypto coin called Senso which is more likely to draw an older audience. And, being based on the same Unreal 4 engine that modern AAA games boast, Sensorium Galaxy should have the capability to stay current and even push the limits of devices like the Quest 2 easily. Further, Sensorium is as cross-platform as it gets, being reachable by browser, mobile app, desktop PC, or VR. See the chart below and judge for yourself how ever-reaching this app seeks to be.

Sensorium Galaxy Brings a Second Metaverse to VR and Beyond
Breakdown, courtesy of Sensorium Corporation


Sensorium Galaxy is currently in closed beta and with a public launch scheduled for Q2 of 2021.  Folks who are interested in learning more can sign up at, or continue to follow Bleeding Cool as we keep tabs on this Galaxy's latest.

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