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BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Space
Scotland-based VR developer and publisher Changingday revealed their new game BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Space is coming out this Fall This is a bit of an interesting game as it was created and designed specifically for autistic players to jump into, as it will allow them to play the game at their own pace,[...]
Tennis League VR Releases Free Demo On Meta Quest
Developer AnotheReality and publisher HIP dropped a free demo for their game Tennis League VR for Meta Quest players to try out There are a number of different titles that try to take on different types of sports across the world, but they often have some sort of angle or twist to them that makes[...]
Auto Draft
Developed by IRL Studios Inc., the app is designed to mix all of the elements of real-world sports together in a VR game so players can experience the fitness and social ends of it, while also being fun and entertaining The app is currently set to launch as a full game sometime in Fall 2022,[...]
Auto Draft
Japanese developer MyDearest has released a new gameplay trailer for their VR hide-and-seek title Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate The game will have you running through levels in a game where you will try to outwit your seekers by using a series of maneuvers and possible distractions to make your way around Every round is something new[...]
Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate Shows Off Capabilities On Oculus 2
The team basically wanted to show off their new game in the best way possible by giving people a chance to see them take the hardware capabilities in the VR unit and stretch them out to their maximum limits It looks like they did a pretty awesome job as the video down below has a[...]
Vail VR Launches Its Open Beta For A Limited Time
Developer and publisher AEXLAB announced that they have officially launched the open beta for Vail VR, giving everyone a chance to play The beta will give players a chance to explore the game's many aspects and test the limits of what it can do to help improve the game later on down the road Every[...]
VR RPG Fantasy Game RuinsMagus Set For Release Next Week
VR publisher Mastiff and developer CharacterBank announced today that their fantasy RPG title RuinsMagus is due out on July 7th The game will have you playing the role of a novice learning the magicsl arts as you investigate a series of abandoned ruins below a thriving town The wealth of the town depends on the[...]
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 Reveals Several New VR Titles
Schell Games, Robot Teddy, and Innersloth revealed more info about Among Us VR as they are preparing to release it in late 2022 for the holidays The trailer is short and to the point, as you're given what is a day in the life of being an astronaut aboard The Skeld in a fully rendered[...]
Moss: Book II Reveals PSVR Release Date & Gameplay Video
Polyarc has revealed that they will be launching their VR puzzle-adventure title Moss: Book II onto Quest 2 this coming July The game was already released just a couple of months ago for PS4 and PS5, earning high praise as it continued the adventures of a brave mouse named Quill who you will guide through[...]
VR Game Pistol Whip Will Get New Update Next Week
Cloudhead Games announced this week their VR title Pistol Whip will be getting a new update which they're simply calling "Contracts" Much like previous updates and campaigns added to the game, this one will essentially throw a ton of content in your lap for you to experiment with and fight others with immediately Which includes[...]
Sony Pictures VR Unveils The New Ghostbusters VR Academy
Sony Pictures Virtual Reality revealed a new location-based experience is on the way as they will be launching Ghostbusters VR Academy This is a brand new multiplayer setup that will be held in specific locations, much like you see other VR experiences like Jumanji, Spider-Man, Zombieland, and more where you're hooked into a bigger room[...]
Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure Shows Off New Gameplay Trailer
Indie developer and publisher Stardust Collective released a new gameplay trailer showing off their upcoming VR title Ziggy's Cosmic Adventure The trailer serves more as a guided experience from the devs as you're given what feels like a tutorial through the game, as you'll be setting off on various exploits with a stolen alien as[...]
Immersive Division Announces BlockStar VR For Multiple Platforms
Developer and publisher Immersive Division revealed their latest game BlockStar VR today as it will be released on multiple platforms this year The game will have you playing a special tournament in which you'll be dual-wielding throughout multiple arenas playing what is essentially an interstellar gameshow Do you have what it takes to withstand the[...]