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Rhythm Of The Universe: IONIA Gets A September Release Date
ROTU Entertainment revealed during Gamescom 2021 that they have an official release date for their next VR game Rhythm Of The Universe: IONIA We now know the game will be released on September 23rd, 2021, for Oculus Quest, PSVR, and SteamVR This music-inspired VR title will have you exploring a lush forest in which magic[...]
Captain ToonHead Vs. The Punks from Outer Space Gets A New Trailer
Teravision Games and Upload VR revealed a brand new gameplay trailer this week for Captain ToonHead Vs The Punks from Outer Space The latest trailer for the game gives you a proper introduction from the Captain himself as he goes over everything you'll be working with and against in the upcoming VR title[...]
2021's VR Summer Games Brings Esports Over Drama
VR proves that this is true The VR Summer Games (August 21st-September 12th) hosted by the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is just icing on that cake. Beats Olympic-Level Dressage? Probably Courtesy of the Virtual Athletics League If you haven't heard of the VR Summer and Winter Games, that's because it's still a new (but growing) event[...]
Myst Developers Announce Definitive VR Version Coming August 26th
Cyan Worlds announced today that they will be bringing the Definitive Edition of Myst to standard and VR consoles on August 26th Now you can experience the puzzle-filled mysterious island all over again in a brand new way as you can explore everything in a beautifully rendered VR environment Will you be able to solve[...]
Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge Teases Last Chapter
The trailer also shows off more characters like Lens Kamo, voiced by Karla Crome, and Baron Attsmun, voiced by Mark Rolston to round out the interesting cast of characters in the VR experience We don't have a release date yet for the content, just that it will be coming out sometime this Fall Here's some[...]
Vertigo Games Acquires VR Development Studio Force Field
VR studio Vertigo Games announced this past week that they have acquired the VR development studio Force Field While the finer details of the deal weren't revealed, we do know the two have entered into an agreement where Vertigo will acquire 100% percent of the company's shares for an undisclosed amount Apparently after that, business[...]
Pistol Whip Launches Second Cinematic Campaign, Smoke & Thunder
Cloudhead Games has released a brand new cinematic campaign for their VR title Pistol Whip as players will experience Smoke & Thunder This one heads into the Wild West as you'll be gussied up in your finest digs to shoot it out against virtual cowboys and obstacles in their own version of the 1800's We[...]
Population: One Introduces Kingdom Age and Castle-Storming
If you haven't yet heard of Population: One, you might want to peek your head out and get it into a headset, because it's the VR Battle Royale that's shooting to score Today on August 5, its new Kingdom Age will begin, and the BigBoxVR staff was gracious enough to extend an invitation to Bleeding[...]
I Expect You To Die 2 Will Release Later This Summer
Schell Games announced this morning that they finally have a release date for the upcoming VR sequel I Expect You To Die 2 We now know that the escape-the-room puzzle game centered around being the ultimate spy will launch on August 24th for $25 on SteamVR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and PSVR headsets The game[...]
Swords Of Gargantua Will Get An Expansion In August
By using weapons and coins earned by playing this mode, players (single or multiplayer) will be able to continue into the abyss, gradually becoming stronger through equipment and abilities. New Challenges in Tesseract Abyss 2: Defeat three new enemies while traversing through the new, more challenging battles that await you in the Abyss. Realistic VR Swordsmanship: Swing,[...]
Yuki Is Set To Release On VR Platforms Next Week
ARVORE Immersive Experiences revealed that they'll be releasing their latest game Yuki onto several VR platforms next week We're a bit excited for this one as it's more of an upbeat title that mashes roguelike and bullet-hell together in a game where you're essentially playing with an anime action figure that you take into battles[...]
Ragnarock Receives Release Date For Oculus & Steam VR
Indie developer and publisher WanadevStudio revealed the release date for Ragnarock as the game comes to both Steam VR and Oculus The VR rhythm game that will have you rocking out in the age of the Vikings will be released on both platforms on July 16th, 2021 The title has been in Early Access for[...]
Harry Potter New York Receives Two New VR Experience
If you happen to be in New York and head to the Harry Potter store there, you'll be able to try two new VR experiences in the store. Created by WarnerMedia in partnership with Wevr & Keylight and VR industry leaders Dreamscape Immersive, they have created two unique experiences for fans to try out with state-of-the-art[...]
Moss: Book II Revealed During Sony's State Of Play
Sony's State Of Play had an awesome VR surprised as we learned Polyarc will be releasing a sequel to Moss called Moss: Book II The adventuring mouse Quill has returned for a new set of puzzle platforming adventures in the world of, as he seeks to protect the world we previously explored from an all-new[...]