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Among Us VR Reveals New Polis Map Coming This July
Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy all got together to show off a new addition to Among Us VR this morning, as we're getting the Polis map for the game Technically, the name of this map is Polis Point, as it is a lot like the 2D version you have come to love and hate[...]
Hellsweeper VR Receives Release Date & New Trailer
VR developer Mixed Realms and publisher Vertigo Games confirmed Hellsweeper VR will be released this September with the reveal of a new trailer The team confirmed that we will be seeing the game on Steam VR on September 21st, with a PSVR2 and Meta Quest versions on the way later on What's more, they're giving[...]
Here's Everything We Saw During The 2023 UploadVR Showcase
Mark another video game livestream into the books during Summer Game Fest as the 2023 UploadVR Showcase took place this morning The two hour event showed off nearly 70 games with full trailers (not counting the brief promise for another dozen), either debuting or highlighting updates for all of them We sat through the entire[...]
Sherlock Holmes: The Case Of The Hung Parliament Unveiled For VR
Immersive theatre group Les Enfants Terribles and VR developer Vrisch have revealed their new game, Sherlock Holmes: The Case Of The Hung Parliament The two have joined forces to bring the theater experience to VR in this co-op mystery title in which the troupe will be playing out a Holmes-type mystery, and it will be[...]
Little Cities Will Receive The Sandbox Update Later This Month
Purple Yonder and nDreams decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the VR game Little Cities by revealing a new Sandbox Update is coming later this June During the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, the team dropped a teaser trailer for the latest addition to the cozy city creation, with the exclusive unveiling of a complete sandbox[...]
We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Today was a major deal for VR fans as the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase took place, showing off multiple titles on the way to the platform The company made 25 different announcements today, some being full-on presentations and others just simple teasers that will be revealed at someone else's showcase in a week or so[...]
Meta Quest 3 Revealed During Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg went live today to reveal the company will be releasing the Meta Quest 3, the next version of their VR headset, later this Fall This model has been redesigned from the inside out to be slimmer, lighter, and more versatile for comfort when playing They've also improved the tech and memory within[...]
Ashen Arrows Will Be Released For Steam On June 12th
If you haven't seen this one yet, this is an adventure game with rogue-like elements in a VR world, in which you'll take on waves of enemies attempting to break into your base You'll use a variety of arrows to take out enemy waves, along with a mix of modifiers and tactics, as it gets[...]
Dungeon Full Dive Announced For PC & VR Platforms
Those of you looking to have a TTRPG experience in VR are going to have a new option soon as Dungeon Full Dive has been announced Developed and being published by indie company TxK Gaming Studios, the game will give you the ability to play at a virtual tabletop as players looking down in a[...]
VR Broawler Quaantar Has An Official Release Date
Developer and publisher Pumpkin VR have put an official release date on their upcoming VR brawler title Quantaar In case you haven't checked this one out, you're looking at a cross-platform PvP free-for-all in which you'll see a series of original characters fight each other in 3D worlds and stages that are completely crazy and[...]
Requisition VR Has Officially Left Early Access This Week
VR developer Arcadia VR and publisher Spheroom have officially released Requisition VR after being in Early Access for some time Taking on a VR approach to the original, the game was released into Early Access clear back in October, giving players a chance to take on the zombie masses in a first-person setting Working as[...]
Crimen - Mercenary Tales Arrives On VR Later This Month
Carbon Studio revealed their latest VR title as Crimen – Mercenary Tales will launch exclusively on Meta Quest 2 and Pico on May 25th, 2023 This game will take you on a first-person adventure as you'll dive into eight exhilarating mercenary escapades Among the things you'll do is hunt for a vampire through an army[...]
A Knight In The Attic Drops For VR Platforms
VR developer and publisher Mighty Yell have released their latest game as players can now experience A Knight In The Attic This is one of those games that take the VR setting and turn it on its ear a little, as you discover a puzzle box up in the attic that comes to life You[...]
C-Smash VRS Gets New Track From Techno DJ Ken Ishii
Developer and publisher RapidEyeMovers revealed their game C-Smash VRS has a brand new track coming to the game from techno DJ Ken Ishii If you haven't seen this game yet, this is a reimagining of the classic SEGA arcade title, brought to life in VR as headed for the PSVR2 on June 26th But before[...]
VR Puzzle Shooter We Are One Launches This June
Fast Travel Games and developer Flat Head Studio revealed this week that their new VR title We Are One will be coming out in early June The game has a pretty cool concept behind it as you will utilize time loops to create clones of yourself, each of them with a specific task in mind[...]
Paranormal Hunter To Be Released On Steam In Late May
What's more, the team will be working on VR support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality, along with a proper full release on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch sometime in late 2023 For now, enjoy the trailer! Credit: EALoGAMES "Step into a wicked realm of paranormal phenomena in insidious environments brought to[...]
Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station
Developer and publisher Gamedust confirmed this week that they will be releasing Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station onto the VR platform Pico The game hasn't officially been released yet, and to date, has only really been revealed for only a couple of platforms over the past year Now we know the game will be coming[...]
Battle Talents
Cydream announced this past week that their fighting simulator game Battle Talents will be coming to another VR platform as it drops on Meta Quest in June The game currently has a free demo available for everyone to play on both Sidequest and Steam, but the full version of the game has now been earmarked for June[...]
Propagation: Paradise Hotel Arrives On VR Platforms In May
Indie VR developer and publisher WanadevStudio revealed more details for their latest game, Propagation: Paradise Hotel, set to be released in May The game will put you in the middle of a hotel as you're trapped inside dealing with horrifying encounters as you try to find a way out The game puts more of a[...]
Blacktop Hoops Launches New Open Beta Period
You can read more about it below, along with the latest trailer and a couple of quotes, as you can try it out on the Quest App Lab and Steam. Credit: Vinci Games "Blacktop Hoops is the ultimate arcade VR basketball game that brings authentic and fast-paced competitive streetball into the virtual world It features the most[...]
Tennis League VR Will Officially Launch On April 20th
Italian developer AnotherReality and HIP (Health Improvement Products) revealed today that Tennis League VR will be launched on April 20th The game has been designed to give you a first-person experience, albeit in a weird virtual body, as you can take on all challengers in Career Mode, tests your skills in the Arcade, train yourself[...]
Atari Reveals Pixel Ripped 1978 During GDC 2023
This is actually the third installment the VR series created by developer ARVORE, as the game will present players with an "incomparably authentic nostalgia-inducing experience" in which you will experience the era of gaming when Atari ruled the world, married with innovative immersive technology You can read more about it below as the game will[...]
Cosmonious High Receives Vision Accessibility Update
Owlchemy Labs has released an all-new update for their VR game Cosmonious High, as players with low vision now have an aid to help them play the game The Vision Accessibility Update (VAU) adds a number of different options for you to essentially change the images in the game or highlight other areas to make[...]
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Launches For PSVR2
Supermassive Games have officially launched their latest VR horror shooter, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, for the PSVR2 this week An offshoot title from the primary series, the game will take you on what is essentially a rail shooter like you would experience in arcades, rolling you through different chapters of the game where you'll[...]
Little Cities VR Shows Off The People In The Little Citizens Update
Purple Yonder and nDreams revealed a new update being added to Little Cities VR, as you'll soon see more personality in your towns with the Little Citizens update This particular update is absolutely free for you to get as it adds some character to the cozy city creator, literally, as they are bringing the cities[...]
VR Shooter Breachers Opens Up Pre-Orders Before Launch
Triangle Factory, the creators of Hyper-Dash, announced they have opened up pre-orders for their VR shooter Breachers before it launches on Meta Quest 2 The game is a bit of a mystery at the moment as the team behind it hasn't really revealed a ton about the team-based PVP tactical VR shooter beyond the basics[...]
VR Multiplayer Shooter X8 Announces Second Open Beta
VR developer and publisher Thirdverse confirmed this week they will launch a second closed beta for their upcoming multiplayer shooter title X8 After the first test ran, the team got to work on adding new features and improvements to make sure players got a better experience the second time around The second time around, you'll[...]
Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Launches On March 23rd
Fast Travel Games and Windswept Interactive announced this week they will be releasing their new VR title, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, on March 23rd Working with Paradox Interactive to carve out their own little piece of the universe, this game puts you in the captain's chair for a first-hand experience of roaming through space[...]
Across The Valley Announces PSVR2 Release Date
VR developer and publisher FusionPlay confirmed that they will be releasing their farming title Across The Valley for the PSVR2 in early April The game had only been revealed a few months ago as a SteamVR title, but they hadn't really given any indication of when we might see it Now we know it will[...]
Population: One Will Be Going Free-To-Play This March
BigBoxVR announced this morning that they will be making their popular VR title, Population: One, a free-to-play game for everyone The team has decided that starting on March 9th, anyone who has access to the game via their VR platform will get access to it for free, and they will also be making updates to[...]