Should The Little Cup Return To GO Battle League Pokémon GO?

One week after the Little Cup has left GO Battle League in Pokémon GO, opinions between trainers remain divided. Some prefer the current Kanto Cup, which allows trainers to use any Pokémon from Generation One, including their Alolan and Galarian regional variants. Others loved the Little Cup, finding that its unique restrictions led to fun (and cute) battles. Now, as GO Battle League prepares to change with Pokémon GO's new GO Beyond initiative, where can the Little Cup fit into a changing PVP landscape?

Little Cup promo image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Little Cup promo image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

First, we should understand the changes being made to GO Battle League before anything else. Now, seasons will last three months and will have twenty-four ranks rather than five. The game will cycle through Great, Ultra, Master, and all twice per season while also airing cups here and there. Personally, I think that the Little Cup has major appeal and can fit into the future of Pokémon GO in multiple ways. Here's how it could return:

  • A recurring Little Cup: Nothing has to change. The Little Cup, despite some controversy, can return as is. Not everyone loved it, but not everyone has to. The Kanto Cup also has its issues, but because of the short amount of time it ran, I think many would see it as a welcome return.
  • A themed Little Cup: Bronzor being essential to winning was a problem for many trainers. Well, a way to avoid a static meta would be to theme the Little Cup with variants such as Little Cup: Water, or Little Cup: Rock.
  • The Little League: Forget the Cup. Little League as a permanent League would be an interesting addition to GO Battle League. Personally, it has been frustrating as a bigger fan of Master League to see Cups only focus on Great League limitations. If Little Cup was turned into a permanent league, and Cups were instead run through all leagues rather than just Great, there would be something in Pokémon GO PVP for everyone.

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