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Niantic's Pikmin Bloom Rolls Out New Snack Decor Pikmin & Challenges
Niantic Labs, the mobile game and AR developer best known for Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has announced new content coming to one of their newest games, Pikmin Bloom. Pikmin Bloom adapts Nintendo's popular Pikmin franchise into an AR wellness and walking app that invites players to grow their own Pikmin while planting flowers on their map, decorating[...]
A Closer Look At Niantic’s Upcoming Peridot Game
Last week, mobile developer Niantic Labs are known for Pokémon GO, Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Pikmin Bloom announced a new creature-based game, Peridot Most of Niantic's games have been based on major global franchises Now, Niantic's Peridot will be its next brand new, original IP Though little is known of it, we can look to[...]