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Niantic "Hears Us": Pandemic Bonus Made Permanent in Pokémon GO
And, it must be said, it's thanks to Niantic Labs for listening. Many players assumed very dark intentions of Niantic, claiming that they didn't care about their fanbase I'm glad to see those proven wrong Niantic did hear you and the results are positive. Now, let's play Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO players won't have to wait until September 1st[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Guardians Rising Part 9
Pokémon GO is currently being boycotted by a vocal group of players who believe that Niantic Labs, the developer behind the games, has done wrong by the players This boycott and the trending hashtag #HearUsNiantic come as a result of Niantic removing the pandemic bonuses from the game Mostly, people are angry that Niantic has[...]