Sold Out Partners With Metronomik For "No Straight Roads" Before E3

Metronomik made a big announcement for No Straight Roads ahead of E3 as the company has partnered with publisher Sold Out for a 2020 release. The game is now aiming for a release on the PS4 and PC sometime next year, but the primary deal with Sold Out is to have a physical release of the game along with the digital, which will sell for $40. Check out the new pics from the game as well as a couple of quotes from the announcement here.

Sold Out Partners With Matonomik For No Straight Roads Before E3
credit//Sold Out

"Partnering with Sold Out has given us the opportunity to turn the volume up to 11 on No Straight Roads, and we're thrilled to also release a physical edition," said Wan Hazmer, CEO of Metronomik. "Pushing the game to early 2020 wasn't an easy decision, but the extra time will let us fully deliver on our vision for No Straight Roads while sticking to our studio's core values of providing a friendly, healthy workplace. We're so proud of everyone on the team for what they've achieved so far, and we can't wait to bring Vinyl City to life…!"

"Excuse the pun but No Straight Roads immediately struck a chord with us and we're really excited to be working with Metronomik to release the game around the world," said Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out. "It's a genuinely unique title. It's loud and in-your-face with some fresh gameplay mechanics, bringing back memories of games like Jet Set Radio while delivering something new and innovative."

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