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One of the stories we forgot to revisit from E3 2019 was a special visit we had with GAEMS before the convention even started to check out their latest gear If you're not familiar with this company, they specialize in mobile gaming on a grander scale And by grander, we mean portable consoles complete with[...]
Dr Disrespect Announces His Twitch Return Date on Twitter
Like a lot of us in gaming media and streaming, the Doc was at E3 2019 this year, running around in character doing a livestream with a crew following him and his "bodyguard" Dan The Body all around the convention floor Made for some good content in certain places, until that is, when he needed[...]
LucidSound Announces Several Products During E3 2019
As we play catchup to some items we missed during E3 2019, LucidSound had a number of items revealed over the convention We were set to have an appointment with the group, but as is the case sometimes with E3, you end up missing something because something is in a location that ends up being[...]