Someone Made A Fidget Spinner Verision Of … Why?!

Fidget spinners. They're slowly becoming the pogs of this decade, and like pogs, will be an enormous pile of garbage in five years out in a desert. They've gained popularity to the point where we're now starting to see indie games about them. Enter: A competitive fidget spinner game launched a few weeks ago that's now gaining exposure in the Let's Play community.

Someone Made A Fidget Spinner Verision Of … Why?!

How does it work? It's based on, you know, the game of picking up tiny dots to make your dot bigger that became a weird sensation and then completely dropped off the map after a few months of people getting frustrated with it and seeing dozens of parody and spin-off versions be developed. Well, now you got a new spin-off, literally, as this version takes the old format and puts a new twist on the idea.

You roam around a board as a fidget spinner, collecting small dots as food that make you go faster. There are also whirlpools that will cause you to spin faster even at a lower level. When you hit someone you both lose dots, lose them all and you're out of the game. Pretty simplistic and addictive, but again, it's a fidget spinner version of the game. This was so unnecessary, but if you're in love with the toys, then this should be right up your alley. Here's a clip of PewDiePie and JackSepticEye playing it so you can learn before you dive into the mess.

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