Sony Reveals When The PlayStation 5 Will Come To India

Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to reveal when they would be brining the PlayStation 5 over to India for its release. A good chunk of people out there may not know that unless you specifically say that a console will be released globally everywhere, there tends to be a release schedule for specific regions depending on the audience you're trying to reach. A good chunk of the world saw the release of the PS5 back in November, there were still a lot of places that were basically watching us get it but had no clear idea of when it would come to them.

Sony Reveals New Details About The PS5 During Livestream
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Back on Thursday, SIE decided to finally reveal when they would be releasing the console in India. According to the tweet below, the console will be coming to that neck of the worlf on Februaty 2nd, 2021, with pre-orders going upf or sale on January 12th, 2021. For those of you looking to buy it from another country, the PlayStation 5 is not region-locked, so it is possible to get it from there and be able to play it in North America or Europe, although we can't guarantee anything about specific software.

Forgive us for being a little ammused about it, but for a company that's going through supply shortages, we do find it awfully entertaining that the company believes they'll have enough PS5's to meet the demand in India when they can't even meet the demand in the U.S. The company hasn't been all that forthcoming about how quickly they'll be able to restock and meet all of the new orders that have kicked in over the past two months, so it has to also be annoying for those who are basically waiting to get one to see they're already planning to roll it out into another market on the other side of the world.

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