StreamElements Opens Custom Streamers Merch Store With SE.Merch

StreamElements announced today that they are giving streamers from all platforms a new custom merch store option called SE.Merch. The shorthand is that those who decide to sign up for it will be given a storefront in which they can pick from an array of items to have their branding attached to and sold through the shop. Essentially, cutting out a lot of the middleman work of going through several different retailers who do custom work and putting it all into one area. The shop has no subscription, comes with a ton of tools, and they throw in a "100% satisfaction" guarantee. There's an open beta for Twitch creators to try it out right now, with more rolling out soon for YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer. Some of the items to choose from include mugs, stickers, clothing, and more.

StreamElements Opens Custom Streamers Merch Store With SE.Merch
Credit: StreamElements

Considering how many people on those platforms sell merch, it definitely opens up a new area to explore for those who may not be thrilled with the companies they currently work with. However, and this is key, there's no mention of how much SteamElements gets off the top of every sale. Which them collecting a fee is the only plausible way this system is in business without dipping into the red. It'll be interesting to see when it's fully running what that amount is. Here's a quote from the CEO about the launch.

"The pain points we were trying to solve for with SE.Merch was to make creating and selling merch quick and easy, while ensuring it was as lucrative as possible for the content creator community," said Doron Nir, CEO, StreamElements. "We also made it completely free to use to avoid the negative impact that comes with upselling streamers with gated features. Since this is one of our core products, we will be continuing to add more items and refining it based on community feedback."

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