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StreamElements Reveals 2021 Creator Diversity Program Recipients
StreamElements revealed their list of recipients for the 2021 Creator Diversity Program, with 20 different streamers being added This is the second annual version of the program which has been designed to provide content creators of underrepresented groups the tools they need to help optimize and advance their careers with online content creation Including individuals[...]
StreamElements Reveals List Of Recipients Of Creator Diversity Fund
StreamElements announced all 20 of the recipients of its $100k Creator Diversity Fund earlier today, with some awesome names on the list This was an initiative designed to provide streamers and content creators of underrepresented groups (Black, PoC, Women, LGBTQIA+, Individuals with disabilities) on Twitch with professional livestreaming services The 20 recipients of the fund[...]
StreamElements Opens Custom Streamers Merch Store With SE.Merch
StreamElements announced today that they are giving streamers from all platforms a new custom merch store option called SE.Merch The shorthand is that those who decide to sign up for it will be given a storefront in which they can pick from an array of items to have their branding attached to and sold through[...]
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StreamElements has announced today that they have formed a new partnership with Wizards of the Coast to forge the Magic: The Gathering Creator Program The program will be using StreamElements' SE.CAP system, which will allow them to manage and grow their influencer program across YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, Instagram, and Twitch The program is now open[...]
StreamElements & Arsenal Releases Q4 Streaming Industry Results
This week, StreamElements along with released a report on the Q4 results of streaming media and the trends within that industry You can read over the full report here, but here's a shorthand of the highlights Facebook Gaming managed to grow on several fronts, due in part to their recent signings of permanent streamers[...]
StreamElements Research Shows Ninja Did Little To Help Mixer So Far
StreamElements, who work with all four of the major social streaming services we know, released new numbers that negate Ninja's move to Mixer As we all know, Ninja made the move to the platform a few months ago, both for money and to find some freedom from Twitch's system According to a new infographic released[...]
StreamElements Is Bringing Their Tech To Facebook
Here's a few more details about the additions. OBS.Live: This is StreamElements's add-on to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) project, software for video recording and live streaming OBS.Live is optimized for gaming and IRL (in real life) live streaming with easy access to chat, activity feeds, tipping, and overlays. KappaGen: A StreamElements feature for celebrating key moments during[...]
StreamElements and Make-A-Wish Partner For a Charity Campaign
This morning, StreamElements announced they have formed a new partnership with Make-A-Wish International for a brand new charity campaign This will be MAW's first foray into doing Twitch-centric outreach as they broaden their visibility to a new generation Starting today, the two will hold a week-long charity initiative on Twitch, with the goal of trying[...]
According to a report by StreamElements, Twitch has hit a new content milestone for a 35% increase in Twitch viewership hours over last year Additionally, the platform had a record-breaking month this January, so the game streaming service is doing pretty well. So while Twitch is doing better than ever, it's a bit too soon to[...]
Former Twitch PR Director Heads to  StreamElements as Comms Head
This week, StreamElements announced they have officially hired Chase to become the company's new Head of Communications Here's a little more info on the new position from the press release sent out today. With 28 years in the gaming industry, Chase comes to StreamElements from Twitch where as PR Director he was the architect of their[...]