Sugar Heist Announces New Expansion Called Crib Of Thieves

Maestro Media along with Alex Clark and in association with Studio71 revealed Sugar Heist will be getting a new expansion called Crib Of Thieves. This upcoming expansion will add 160 brand-new cards to the game that are designed to enhance and expand the game. This includes a new set of vault cards that add unique scoring multipliers, new accessory cards that you'll be able to play to help protect the vaults, as well we being able to steal even more candy from others. Plus an all-new set of candies to add even more variety and strategy to the game. While this is a really cool announcement, it does come with a caveat at the end. The expansion isn't funded, and it won't be running a Kickstarter to help fund it until October. Which means, realistically, we're probably not seeing this made until 2023. But in the meantime, you can read more about it below while we wait to see more of the cards.

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Credit: Maestro Media

Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves, an Expand-alone of Sugar Heist, is an action-packed heist game where players collect, trade, and steal candy cards. Quick-to-learn and strategic, Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves can be played on its own or mixed in with Sugar Heist to create even more great gameplay opportunities! On your turn, lay down matching sets of candies from your hand and try to draw, steal, and barter for more! The more candy you collect, the closer you are to locking it safely into your Vault. Sometimes though, other players may not want to give you their confectionary treasures and you might have to play a Battle Card. The all new Accessory Cards add even more variable powers to your game. Execute your strategies and plan your next move. Beg, barter, steal, and battle your way to supremacy in this wacky set collecting game.

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