& Orbit Games Announces New Action-Puzzler Retro Machina and Orbit Games revealed a brand new game this week as they are making a new futuristic action-puzzler called Retro Machina. This looks like a beautiful game as the worlds are all hand-drawn works of art that you'll be traveling around in. A lot of it showing the decay of a society long gone as you play a solitary worker drone who has been labeled by the robot society as a malfunctioning unit. As such, you have been banished from your home as you make your way around this new location trying to survive. We have more details on the game below along with screenshots and a trailer, as the game is set ot be released on PC and all three consoles in Q1 of 2021.

Will you be able to solve your way through the challenges of Retro Machina? Courtesy of
Will you be able to solve your way through the challenges of Retro Machina? Courtesy of

Equipped with the ability to control other machines, our hero must use all the tools at his disposal to rebuild himself and find out if any intelligent life remains. He must explore the desolate, disintegrating maze-like terrain, overcome the harsh environment, and take control of deadly antagonistic automatons in order to discover the mysteries of the world and the origins of its only remaining city.

As the only surviving city of a long-dead world, Endeavour City has for centuries existed as a robot utopia, following a strict set of rules and processes in an effort to maintain its perfection; a perfect world where imperfections must not remain. To all its inhabitants, the city under a great glass dome is as it was from the start, but something in the crumbling towers and overgrown roadways seems off to one, malfunctioning robot. With his former family turned against him, he must navigate the land beyond the domed city, overcome the treacherous challenges that face him, and seek help for his much-loved home.

Set in a vibrant hand-drawn avant-garde retrofuturistic environment, Retro Machina draws inspiration from the works of science fiction's foremost authors, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. Players are invited to explore four diverse biomes, each with their own unique aesthetic and vicious bosses.

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