Super League Launches Minecraft Bedrock Server Pixel Paradise

Super League Gaming announced today they have launched the first Minecraft Bedrock Server for roleplaying with Pixel Paradise. The server itself will serve as a home for people to be taken to an island where they can take on one of several roles and play out storylines. As you complete challenges in signature locations, more of the island will open up to you. What's more, you'll be able to interact with other players on the island as you unlock new items and help grow the community. In a sense, it's like they took Eco and NoPixel and smashed them together into a Minecraft-themed game. To play, all you have to do is open the Minecraft Game Server tab on any device you have the game loaded to, and click on Pixel Paradise. We got a couple of quotes about today's announcement for you below.

Super League Launches Minecraft Bedrock Server Pixel Paradise
Credit: Super League

"Being in the Minecraft development and server space for nearly 10 years, I really wanted gamers to have a space where they can express themselves in a virtual and safe experience using Minecraft as an outlet. Partnering with Microsoft and Minecraft to create this experience was not only an amazing first step, but the perfect opportunity to bring this vision to life. This server will provide continuous updates and expand on current trends to make sure it is always fresh and ready for every new player!" said Niraj Morar, GM InPvP.

"Pixel Paradise is a thoughtful departure from typical game experiences on the Minecraft Bedrock server ecosystem," said Mike Wann, Chief Strategy Officer of Super League Gaming.  "By bringing storytelling and roleplaying into the mix, we have created a first to market experience that delights girl gamers and boy gamers alike. Players can create and share engaging content, roleplay with friends in places like Starducks Coffee Cafe, and collaborate to gather resources in a way that is both entertaining and educational. We believe this server is the first step toward bridging the gender gap in the Minecraft server world."

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