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Super League Launches Minecraft Bedrock Server Pixel Paradise
Super League Gaming announced today they have launched the first Minecraft Bedrock Server for roleplaying with Pixel Paradise The server itself will serve as a home for people to be taken to an island where they can take on one of several roles and play out storylines As you complete challenges in signature locations, more[...]
Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void DLC Will Release On July 28th
Mojang revealed new details of the latest DLC content coming to Minecraft Dungeons as players will be entering the Echoing Void This new update to the game will come with both paid and free content, such as new consumables like Burning Brew a new pet in the Friendermite There's also a new boss in the[...]
Minecraft Receives The Sonic The Hedgehog DLC Today
SEGA and Mojang have come together to add the blue speedster Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends to Minecraft with some new DLC This new partnership comes as part of Sonic's 30th Anniversary, as they will be adding several characters to the game in block form, as well as locations such as Green Hills Zone[...]
Minecraft Comes To Life With New Modern Treehouse LEGO Set
Minecraft comes out of the screen and onto your shelves as a new LEGO set is on the way Coming in at 909 pieces, The Modern Treehouse set allows collectors to build a kitchen, library, bedroom, and a study Capturing that classic Minecraft look, the set features special accessories like bedding, furniture, and even some[...]
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Mojang released two new additions to Minecraft this week as we got the Caves & Cliffs update as well as the new Ben 10 DLC First off, the update is totally free and has been added to every single version of the base game on the planet, so everyone should have it as soon as[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Releases New Content
Mojang is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Minecraft Dungeons with a new DLC release and more content The Hidden Depths includes both paid and free content, which will unlock new ocean-inspired weapons, gear, and artifacts for you to find Some of the items you can snag are the Coral Blade, Bubble Bow, Anchor, and Turtle Armor[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Receives Two New Specialty DLC Packs
Mojang launched a couple of new DLC packs into Minecraft Dungeons this week, one of them having a particular movie tie-in The company has partnered up with Universal Games and Dreamworks to release a special How to Train Your Dragon DLC for the game, which adds characters and other objects from the movie franchise into[...]
LEGO Gives Us A Closer Look At Some of The Popular 2021 Sets
Collectors can bring their own city to life with this super fun set that adults and kids can get behind and can be found here. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ The next assortment of LEGO products that we received is[...]
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Mojang has released the latest DLC pack to come to Minecraft Dungeons as players can now dive into Flames Of The Nether Harking back to every terrible experience you've ever had in the main game going through this parallel dimension of treasure and horrors, this new DLC pack will have you and your friends scrambling[...]
Minecraft Adds More Lunar New Year Content To The Shop
Mojang announced that it has released new content into Minecraft this week as you can celebrate the Lunar New Year Right now in the shop you can purchase and download themed collections that will stay there until February 16th, as well as several free Character Creator items that are available now including the Ox Sweater, Ox[...]
Someone Is Building Super Nintendo World In Minecraft
It may be a while before a lot of people outside Japan can go see Super Nintendo World, but not if you happen to own Minecraft With all the wonders of the world having been created on servers, as well as full-scale models you can explore of both the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next[...]
Minecraft Releases Sustainability City Map To Play
Mojang has released the new Sustainability City Map in Minecraft which was inspired by Microsoft's Annual Sustainability Report This is a completely free map that you can download either through the Education Edition of the game or through the "Education Collection" of content The goal of it is to teach regular users how to best[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Officially Kicks Off Its Chills & Thrills Event
Mojang launched a new event into Minecraft Dungeons this week as players can take part in the free adventures of Chills & Thrills The company didn't really go into a ton of detail about it after it officially launched yesterday, with the event running until almost the end of the month of December As you[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Officially Receives Cross-Platform Play
Good news for those of you wishing to play with any friend in Minecraft Dungeons, you can now do so as cross-platform play has come to the game Now PC players can interact and play with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players, no matter what the circumstances or combination of systems. In addition to this news,[...]
Star Wars Has Officially Come To The World Of Minecraft
Minecraft heads to a galaxy far, far away this week as the world of Star Wars has officially been added to the game for everyone As you might suspect, they're not just dropping a couple of assets into the mix, this is a full-on DLC pack that will give you new skins, new creations to[...]