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Dark Horse Announces New Minecraft OGN, Box Sets
Dark Horse has announced a new Minecraft original graphic novel by Stephanie Ramirez, Open World: Into the Nether, coming in October And it's bringing with it two new box sets collecting past Dark Horse comics. From the press release: Minecraft: Open World—Into the Nether is a brand-new graphic novel exploring the Overworld Sarah is new to the[...]
Angry Birds Dives Into Minecraft With Latest Updates
Rovio Entertainment has announced that they have a new DLC made specifically for Minecraft as Angry Birds can be added to the game The DLC wasn't created by Mjoang, but instead by Oreville Studios, who have taken many of the familiar sights, sounds, and characters from the mobile title and bricked them up for Minecraft:[...]
LEGO Welcomes Minecraft Fans to the Llama Village with New Set 
Minecraft comes to life once again as LEGO reveals their newest set as the Llama Village has arrived The Wandering Trader is known for having two llamas with him, and they feature a unique design compared to the standard games llama LEGO is taking the Wandering Trader's llama to new levels as it gets its[...]
Minecraft Dungeons
Mojang released new info today about the next Minecraft Dungeons season event which will be taking place later this month The event is being called Luminous Night and it will launch into the game on April 20th, 2022 This will give you a chance to explore The Tower by night with several luminescent features to[...]
Minecraft Launches Lacoste Apparel Collection & Croco Island DLC
Mojang has released a pair of Minecraft-related things this week as we got a new DLC as well as the Lacoste collection Forst, the new fashion collection has launched, as you can now snag an array of apparel from sneakers to polo shirts to shorts and more, all with the special crossover branding on them[...]
Auto Draft
Mojang announced this morning that they have formed a new partnership with PUMA for a new line of Minecraft-themed streetwear This collection is made up of various apparel and shoes for all ages as those who are way into Minecraft will discover tons of references to many of the game's features and creatures throughout their[...]
Nvidia Build Massive Minecraft Winter Wonderland
Nvidia decided to do something fun for the holidays as they have constructed a massive winter wonderland setting in Minecraft The company has partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity to launch this unique experience as they have created a holiday setting inside a snowglobe, all using Minecraft assets Those looking to visit the[...]
Minecraft Reaches One-Trillion Views On YouTube
YouTube and Mojang have announced a special milestone today for Minecraft as the game has reached one-trillion views on the platform The game has constantly been one of the top viewership titles ever since it was launched, and to this day continues to be a chart-topper as it was both the top game and top[...]
Minecraft Drops Two New Expansions Over Two Games
Mojang revealed two new expansions being released for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons to keep you busy in both titles Starting with main Minecraft, the game will be getting Caves & Cliffs: Part 2, adding in a ton of content to the game that enhances what was already released in Part 1 and giving you even[...]
Minecraft's Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure Launches Today
Minecraft and Disney collide in the latest batch of content as the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure is released This DLC pack brings you everything from the 50th Anniversary as you get rides like Space Mountain and It's A Small World, 29 iconic characters from Disney and Pixar to roam around, faithful recreations of[...]
Mojang Reveals Everything On The Way At Minecraft Live 2021
Mojang held their annual Minecraft community event earlier today as we got to find out a lot of what they got coming at Minecraft Live 2021 This year's event was held online again, much like they did before due to the pandemic still happening The over two-hour event went over some of the cool stuff[...]
Minecraft Announces Plans For Spookyfest Across Both Games
Mojang revealed details today about all of the plans for Spookyfest happening in both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons this month The annual Halloween additions to the game are going to bring in some fun for everyone across each game, as players in the regular game will get some cool additions to pumpkin spice up your[...]
Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition Is Coming To Steam
Mojang and Xbox Game Studios revealed this morning that Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition will be coming out on Steam This version will be about as complete as it gets as you're getting all the content from the main game, fully updated, plus the DLC's and the Season Pass content that console players had bought and[...]
Super League Launches Minecraft Bedrock Server Pixel Paradise
Super League Gaming announced today they have launched the first Minecraft Bedrock Server for roleplaying with Pixel Paradise The server itself will serve as a home for people to be taken to an island where they can take on one of several roles and play out storylines As you complete challenges in signature locations, more[...]
Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void DLC Will Release On July 28th
Mojang revealed new details of the latest DLC content coming to Minecraft Dungeons as players will be entering the Echoing Void This new update to the game will come with both paid and free content, such as new consumables like Burning Brew a new pet in the Friendermite There's also a new boss in the[...]