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Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal Is Coming In August

Kellogg's has announced that they will be releasing a Minecraft-themed cereal for the public and that it will be out in August 2020. As you can see below, this will be called the Minecraft Creeper Crunch, in the great tradition of putting crunchy cereal pieces with a bunch of marshmallows. A recipe decades-old to appeal […]

Minecraft Releases The New Way of The Nether Update

Minecraft Releases The New Way of The Nether Update

Minecraft just received a new update today called "Way Of The Nether", which will send fans into areas that wouldn't normally explore. Well, at least not the sane players. The Nether is, for the uninitiated, a different dimension that players can visit that's filled with lava, rare minerals, and roaming gangs of enemies looking to […]

Minecraft Dungeons Kicks Animal Crossing Down U.S. eShop Best Sellers

Chalk a win up for Mojang as Minecraft Dungeons has pushed Animal Crossing: New Horizons off the #1 spot on the eShop. No one remains on top forever, but if anyone had a shot it was Animal Crossing as the game got a boost from having an anticipating fanbase, a worldwide plague that kept people […]

Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020

Minecraft Dungeons has barely been out for almost a week and already we're hearing that Mojang has some DLC content on the way. The game is already receiving some popular reviews, which we'll have ours shortly, with people wondering how much more is on the way. The company revealed on their blog that they have […]

Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary

Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary

As a bit of a tribute to Pac-Man's 40th anniversary, Mjoang has added the iconic character into Minecraft for people to use. It shouldn't come as any surprise that game developers would pay tribute to it, as Pac-Man's success in the early '80s is responsible for modern gaming being what it ss in many ways. […]

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Mojang Rebrands Their Logo & Plans To Develop More Games

For the longest time, Mojang has been known primarily for one thing: Minecraft. This week, that all changes as they look ahead. Ever since Markus Persson founded the company back in 2009 and released the game that would change not only the industry but indie gaming for the next decade, the two brands have been […]

Minecraft Earth is getting a new series of blind box figures.

Mattel Releasing New Minecraft Earth Figures This Month

Mattel is hard at work on bringing a brand new line of adorable Minecraft figures to retailers later this month that you can actually use in-game with Minecraft Earth. Much like you can scan amiibo figures into games with the Nintendo Switch, these new toys will come in a variety of different mobs from the […]

Minecraft RTX

You Can Try Out The Minecraft RTX Beta Right Now

Minecraft has moved into a new age as NVIDIA has launched an open beta for players to experience it in RTX on Windows 10. This project has been ongoing for a while as, to be pretty blunt, the NVIDIA team wanted to put an extra bit of shine onto a game that sometimes can look […]

"Minecraft Dungeons" Will Officially Be Released On May 26th

Mojang and Double Eleven announced today that Minecraft Dungeons has been pushed back, but will officially be released on May 26th. The game has kind of been on the tipping block of getting a proper release date for a while, but locking down a date has been difficult as of late. Due in part to […]


Microsoft is Offering Free "Minecraft Education" Content Now

Times are rough, and it's hard to stay entertained and focused when we're going through a global pandemic. That's why Microsoft is offering free Minecraft Education content to help kids out of school learn while they're away from class. Heading to the Minecraft marketplace, you'll find a new Education collection that you can select several […]

"Minecraft Dungeons" Gets A New Video Explaining The Lore

Microsoft and Mojang have released a new video this week for Minecraft Dungeons as they attempt to explain the lore behind the game. This is the final episode of a series of videos they've released over the past couple of months in which they try to explain the game to everyone. Whether you be a […]

"Minecraft Dungeons"

"Minecraft Dungeons" May Be the Next Game to Be Hit With Delays

If you were looking forward to trying out Minecraft Dungeons, you may very well have to wait a bit longer to do so. It seems the colorful take on the world of Minecraft could be in danger of being postponed. Developer Mojang took to Twitter with the news that the studio has made the decision […]

Check Out The "Minecraft" Library Dedicated To Censored Journalism

Check Out The "Minecraft" Library Dedicated To Censored Journalism

Knowledge is power! Never forget that. And in the world of Minecraft, that saying has never been more true with the addition of a specific library. So, if you're reading this article right now, chances are you live in a country or region of the world where they don't censor the information you take in. […]

"Minecraft" Festival Tickets Go On Sale On March 6th

"Minecraft" Festival Now Postponed Over Coronavirus Concerns

Yet another convention has decided to fold up shop in 2020 over the coronavirus issues, this one being the Minecraft Festival. The news came down on the game's official website, which we've posted in-full for you below. However, the big takeaway from this one compared to others is that it is not canceled, simply postponed […]

"Minecraft" Festival Tickets Go On Sale On March 6th

"Minecraft" Festival Tickets Go On Sale On March 6th

Tickets of this year's Minecraft Festival have finally been announced, as they will officially go on sale next week starting on March 6th. This first-time-ever festival will be taking place in Orlando, Florida as organizers will take over the Orange County Convention Center. The whole event is being produced with ReedPOP as well as Mohang. […]

Someone Made A "Minecraft" Map With A "Harry Potter" Theme

Someone Made A "Minecraft" Map With A "Harry Potter" Theme

Wanna visit Hogwarts and not have to pay a theme park fee? You can do that in Minecraft with this Harry Potter-inspired map. A group of designers named The Floo Network have been patiently putting together a map within the game that is an exact replica to Hogwarts. They've been getting support from fans to […]

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Review: "Minecraft" Gifts & Toys For 2019 Holidays

We recently got a surprise set of items from the Minecraft team, as they sent us a few new things they have in store for the 2019 holiday season. They didn't focus on one specific area, but instead, sent us a variety from which to choose from. Here's what we got and what we thought […]

"Minecraft" Offers Their Own Yule Log Fire

How Would You Like A"Minecraft" Yule Log Fire?

Would you like to have a Minecraft version of the annual yule log to play on your TV? Whatever your answer is, there's one for you to play. A YouTuber by the name of Denis has made a one-hour 4K video of a fireplace yule log from the game. Complete with some random interactions like […]

Minecraft Has Sole 176 Million Copies Over The Past Decade

PS4 "Minecraft" Owens Will Finally Be Able To Cross Play

Those of you on the PS4 who own the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft will finally be able to join the rest of your friends on other platforms. Starting tomorrow, December 10th, those who own the game will be able to play with those on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Not to […]

"Minecraft Dungeons" Receives A New Cinematic Trailer

Microsoft and Mojang released a brand new trailer today for Minecraft Dungeons, giving the game a much more cinematic feeling to the story.  We're still probably a good six months out from seeing anything, as the game is currently slated for a Spring 2020 release. But this is a pretty decent look at what's to […]