Switching Focus in Shift Quantum at PAX West

One of the last appointments we had during PAX West this year was a visit at the PAX 10 booth to check out Shift Quantum. This is a game where you will zip between worlds of black and white in order to escape from each platformed level. If this game seems a bit familiar, the concept was made years ago by another designer who made one game and gave up on design afterward, but sold the rights to the IP to Fishing Cactus to make their own version.

credit//Fishing Cactus

The demo we played was well done and challenging as we had to do a little bit of platforming magic mixed with puzzle solving to get where we needed to go. Not to mention picking up special items. However, there's more going on here than just moving from world to world, as there's some deep psychological storyline stuff going on. If you haven't played it, we recommend checking Shift Quantum out.

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