Team GO Rocket Made Shadow Pokémon Stronger In "Pokémon GO"

If you've noticed that the Shadow Pokémon are now tougher in Pokémon GO, there's a reason for that. Y can blame Team GO Rocket. For a specific point of time in the game, which the devs gave no indication as to how long it would last, Shadow versions are not a lot more powerful than you've normally encountered. But they only remain stronger as long as they are shadow versions of the standard creatures. So if you have a way to counteract what's going on, you're fine. If not, it's going to be a tough battle when you come across one in the wild. Here's the changes that have been made to them, which we're guessing will last for a few weeks. Best of luck to all you trainers who aren't supporting the Team GO Rocket.

Team GO Rocket Made Shadow Pokémon Stronger In "Pokémon GO"
Credit: Niantic
  • Shadow Pokémon now deal more damage with their Fast and Charged Attacks, but they also take more damage when attacked.
  • Powering up a Shadow Pokémon and teaching a Shadow Pokémon an additional Charged Attack now cost less Stardust and Candy.
  • Legendary Shadow Pokémon that you save from Giovanni are now more powerful.

During certain time periods, Shadow Pokémon might be able to forget the Charged Attack Frustration by learning a different Charged Attack with a Charged TM, though we haven't figured out when that'll be possible. Please stay tuned for more details.

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