The Division 2 is Set to Release Before April 2019

Ubisoft has revealed in an investors call that The Division 2 will land before the end of the fiscal year, meaning we can expect the game within around 10 months.

The division

I think a lot of people are excited to learn about The Division 2. The first was a good game, and over the span of its life, it got even better. Changes and updates to the end game as well as new modes and ways to play all came together to make a better experience than at launch, but even so, there was just an air of missed potential about the title. If Ubisoft can meet that this time around, the game will undoubtedly do very well.

Well, we now know it's going to hit in the not too distant future. During their yearly fiscal report, Ubisoft said that it is planning to release The Division 2 before the end of the fiscal year 2019. For those who don't know, that means the game will come out before March 31, 2019. That isn't long to wait at all. Considering the first game was teased over multiple E3s before coming out, it's nice that the game won't be far away from our first look at it this E3.

It's mere weeks until we see the game unveiled too at said E3. I'm not sure what to expect, but refinement and one or two surprises will go a long way. Here's hoping it meets that promise of the first game and really sees the franchise transcend. Honestly, I'm just hoping for a good video game.